College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Deepen Academic Collaboration through New Joint PhD Programme

With a vision to broaden and deepen the mutual scientific and pedagogical relations and cooperation in the interest of contributing to the development of research and higher education, CityU’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and Yonsei University’s College of Social Sciences recently have established a two-certificate Joint PhD Programme (the terminology used by Yonsei is “Dual Degree”). 

Under the agreement, each Institution can admit a maximum of six students per academic year from the partner Institution. The admitted students must be from CityU’s Department of Public Policy or Department of Media and Communication, or Yonsei’s Department of Public Administration or Department of Communication. Each student has to simultaneously enrol in both Institutions, which will jointly appoint a thesis supervisor from each Institution, determine a study plan, appoint examiners for the oral examination and assess the thesis. 

Some of the credits obtained at the admitted students’ home university may be transferred to fulfil the PhD degree requirements of the university of residence. Those who fulfil all of the requirements and conditions set out in both Institutions will receive two PhD degree certificates, conferred by CityU and Yonsei, respectively. 

For CityU students admitted to the Programme, spending at least three semesters at Yonsei University is required. Apart from conducting their research work, they have to complete some required courses. They must submit a thesis, and defend a preliminary and a final thesis evaluation. Their final thesis must be written in English and include a summary in Korean. 

While they need to pay tuition fees to the Institution of residence and arrange their own accommodation and medical insurance, assistance and studentship from the Institution of residence will be provided.