College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Charting a New Path in University Life

“I feel absolutely amazing and incredible when I get the admission offer from Columbia University for the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program,” said Year 2 Psychology undergraduate Sophia CHANG Tsz-lam, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

After months of hard work and intense preparation from filling in the application, attending workshops, writing the personal statement, to taking test and interview while at the same time managing her coursework at the University, Sophia put in double efforts in pursuing her goal of becoming a scholar in counselling psychology.

Sophia has always been curious about how personalities and thoughts influence one’s behaviours.  Inspired by her mother, Sophia is particularly interested in the cognitive approach in psychology and hopes that she will be able to help people improve their well-being through her professional training in counselling psychology. The unique international undergraduate education experience offered by the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between CityU and Columbia University provides Sophia with valuable experiences and enriching opportunities of growth and learning she aspires.

Despite some uncertainties caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic in New York, Sophia is determined to embark on a new journey in university life at Columbia University this Fall. “I will learn to live independently and take good care of myself. I am well-prepared for the challenges ahead.”

Sophia expresses her deepest gratitude to the great support of her parents as well as the guidance of her teachers and staff of the Department and the College. She is also grateful to the donors of CityU who have made generous donations to support student education through contributing to scholarships and financial aids. “As a recipient of CityU scholarships for the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program, I feel a deep responsibility to make my education relevant to the needs of society and apply what I have learned to make the world a better place.”