College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Graduates get set for a new journey

Having come all over those bittersweet moments in the University life, graduates’ great efforts finally paid off on this special occasion – graduation. Marking an important milestone in their lifelong journey, the happy graduates savoured the very moment with their loved ones. Ahead of them, it will be a new journey into a world filled with opportunities and excitement.

Graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), together with their parents, relatives and friends, attended the College Graduation Ceremony held from 27 to 30 November 2018 in the Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall at Lau Ming Wai Academic Building of CityU.

Dean of CLASS Professor Xiaowei ZANG and Associate Deans Professor Dennis WONG, Dr Peppina LEE and Professor Hon S CHAN presided at various sessions of the Graduation Ceremony, giving their heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates and invited the graduates to reflect on what they gained from the University life. The Dean and Associate Deans also encouraged the graduates to follow their dreams, uphold what they stand for, and with pursuit of knowledge and critical thinking, make contributions to the betterment of society, no matter how big and small they are.

Photo 2: YEUNG Hiu-lam (middle) and her family.

Social and Behavioural Sciences graduate YEUNG Hiu-lam thanked the University for providing her with professional education to pursue her ambition as a social worker. Hiu-lam, who is a wheelchair user, never gets defeated by her physical barriers. Instead, this young girl with a big heart always inspired her peers to make good use of their ability and strengths. As a winner of the CLASS Discovery-enriched Curriculum Award - Undergraduate Champion (Individual), Hiu-lam expressed her gratitude to the achievement. “Winning this award serves as an encouragement to me, which allowed me to make new discoveries in learning, exert creative spirit and strive to innovate in fieldwork service,” she said.

Photo 3: LI Tsz-ning Manna (middle) with Professor Diane Pecorari and Dr Christoph Hafner, Head and Associate Head of Department of English

LI Tsz-ning Manna, graduate of Department of English, was grateful to have internship and overseas exchange opportunities to put her knowledge learnt in class into practice, maximising her exposure and equipping her with real-world experience. Having received the HSBC Overseas Scholarship, Manna spent a year at Lancaster University in the UK as an exchange student, and the experience was invaluable to her. She also very much appreciated the inter-disciplinary curriculum provided by CLASS. “Being able to study courses apart from my own major enriched my understanding of various disciplines.” Juggling with different aspects of life at the same time, Manna learnt good time and stress management, living her University life to the fullest.

At the university-wide Congregation held on 24 November 2018, a total of 2,209 academic awards were conferred to graduates of CLASS, comprising 1,114 bachelor’s degrees, 1,061 master’s degrees and postgraduate diplomas/certificates, and 34 doctor and master of philosophy degrees.