College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
CLASS seminar prepares prospective students for university admission

About 250 students from over 100 secondary schools, as well as parents and teachers participated in an undergraduate admissions and scholarships seminar organised by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) at City University of Hong Kong on 12 May 2018. For the third consecutive year, CLASS has run the seminar to help senior form secondary school students, particularly those sitting for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination, to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of university admission.

Dr Peppina LEE, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Curriculum), introduced the participants to the department-based admissions at CLASS and the ‘CLASS Elite Student Scholarships’, which are offered this year for the first time to outstanding freshmen.

To acquaint participants with the details of the admissions requirements of individual departments and majors, Professor Dennis WONG, Associate Dean (Student Life and Learning), invited admissions tutors and programme leaders from all of the academic departments of CLASS to present the unique features and selection criteria of their programmes.

Departmental Admissions Tutors / Programme Leaders who presented at the seminar were: Dr Thomas PATTON from Department of Asian and International Studies, Mr KWOK Kam-hung from Department of Chinese and History, Mr Peter KWAN from Department of Media and Communication, Ms Champa DETARAMANI from Department of English, Dr Caesar LUN and Mr Kenneth AU from Department of Linguistics and Translation, Dr Hektor YAN from Department of Public Policy, and Dr Vivien CHAN from Department of Applied Social Sciences.

At the consultation session, Professor Wong and faculty staff offered their guidance to prospective students. "It's important for parents, teachers and applicants to know that students can receive as excellent an education here at CityU than at any other university in Hong Kong. Talking with participants after the seminar, I am happy to hear that this seminar helps convince them of this," said Dr PATTON, Admissions Officer in the Department of Asian and International Studies.

“Some parents and prospective students ask me to share with them in more details the courses I took and the exchange programme and the study tour I joined. They are also interested to know about the major allocation process of how students get into their majors,” said WONG Hei Man, a student ambassador of Department of Linguistics and Translation who assisted at the event.

Participants found the seminar useful and inspiring, and they also benefited from the sharing of learning experiences and campus life by student ambassadors at the department booths. The majority of the participating HKDSE students stated that they would consider prioritising CLASS programmes among their JUPAS Band A choices.

To help the prospective students to get to learn more about CLASS, Professor Wong invited them to listen to a radio interview series featuring the undergraduate studies and programmes of CLASS that will air on Metro Broadcast (FM99.7) between 18 May and 22 June 2018.