College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Workshop on Environmental Governance in Asia

Organised by Global China Studies of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Workshop on Environmental Governance in Asia was held at City University of Hong Kong, 29-30 January 2018. Scholars from Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, the United States, mainland China, and Hong Kong joined the workshop and participated in rounds of inspiring discussion on the theme.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics related to environmental governance in Asia. The topics discussed included governance innovation and capacity, civil society and the environment, policy-making, systems of institutional design, a network approach to environmental governance, and financing environmental governance. For each paper, an assigned discussant gave valuable feedback. The authors also had in-depth discussions with workshop participants on how to improve their papers.

After the workshop, the authors will further revise their papers based on the comments they received. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Management after going through a normal blind review process.

Cover: Editors, authors and discussants came from different parts of the world to join the workshop.

Photo 2: A discussant commenting on a paper presented at the workshop.