College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Outstanding volunteer work recognised with funding and award

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences has made a name for itself in public policy research and many PPR projects in CLASS regularly won grants from the Public Policy Research (PPR) funding scheme. This year, the research project “Demographic and Social Indicators of Youth Volunteering in Hong Kong” led by Dr Elaine AU, Associate Professor of Department of Applied Social Sciences and founder of the City Youth Empowerment Project (CYEP), was awarded HK$842,950 in the third round of the 2017-18 PPR funding scheme.

This PPR project identifies the current youth volunteering situation in Hong Kong and focuses on how future policies could make volunteering more accessible to all Hong Kong youth, improve the quality of their volunteering experiences and sustain youth volunteering over time. With the support of both the Social Welfare Department and the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS), the study will survey youth volunteers aged 15 to 30 recruited from selected NGOs in Hong Kong.

We congratulate Dr AU and hope her research will bring youth volunteering in Hong Kong to the next level.

Cover: Dr AU and CYEP were awarded the Hong Kong Community Volunteers 2017 (Non-profit Organisation) Highest Service Hour Silver Award in recognition of their contributions to volunteer work.