College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Donation to support a good cause

The Positive Education approach applies positive psychology to help individuals flourish in educational settings. Specifically, positive psychology aims to nurture character strengths, enhance positive emotions, promote positive relationships, increase engagement and sense of achievement and cultivate the meaning of life in people.

Dr LEE Chung-tak Joseph, Chairman of Wofoo Plastics & Chemicals Group and President of Wofoo Social Enterprises, the major donor of CityU, recently made a donation of HK$1 million in support of the Positive Education Laboratory of the Department of Applied Social Sciences. This demonstrates Dr Lee’s appreciation for the research excellence of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).

Dr Sylvia KWOK, Associate Professor, and other colleagues in the Department of Applied Social Sciences established the Positive Education Laboratory in 2015 to promote positive education for students, teachers, parents and the community. The laboratory has collaborated with about 100 local schools to provide consultation and launch different activities such as positive education curriculum design, teacher training, parent education, student groups and projects, seminars and professional training and to conduct academic research. The Positive Education Laboratory is a good example of how CLASS research and knowledge transfer activities improve the life of the Hong Kong people.