From the Dean

From the Dean

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) is committed to becoming a top centre for teaching and research of liberal arts and social sciences. Liberal arts and social sciences help us understand the world. There is the need for professionals in liberal arts and social sciences in addition to talents in business and science in advanced society.

I am glad to report that CLASS, together with the departments, has organised a variety of activities, providing secondary school students with information about our quality education during the period from October 2016 to July 2017. With the unswerving efforts of our colleagues, we have obtained satisfactory results. The admission scores of new students of CLASS are ranked the second after the School of Law in CityU and among the top three in Hong Kong compared with similar programmes of other universities.

Quality education stems from outstanding performance in research. With CityU having been transformed into a research university, CLASS also takes research excellence as its mission, and has established an international reputation with its academic achievements in recent years. We have set out the criteria in CLASS Statement of Research Excellence, while encouraging teachers of all departments to pursue high-level academic research. In addition to publishing papers in top journals, our colleagues actively apply for research funding schemes, such as General Research Fund, Early Career Scheme, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme and Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, obtaining outstanding results. Many of their research findings have policy implications. For example, Professor GONG Ting's research on corruption in Asia has provided reference for the anti-corruption efforts in Hong Kong. Dr Bonnie CHOW has worked with scholars in psychology, genetics and biology to explore reasons for the difficulties school children encounter in learning Chinese and English languages. At a recent international workshop held by Global China Studies of CLASS, scholars from different regions came together to examine various issues in discretion and law enforcement in the PRC.

We hereby express our gratitude to the teaching staff and students for their outstanding efforts and achievements.

Professor Xiaowei Zang