Third prize in International Translation and Interpreting Competition

CHENG Hiu-ying Helle, a Year 3 student of the Bachelor of Arts programme in Translation and Interpretation (BATI), won third prize in Chinese-to-English translation at the 6th Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) International Translation and Interpreting Competition (北京語言大學第六屆國際口筆譯大賽).

From 692 entries, Helle was one of three third-prize winners, but the only one from Hong Kong in that category. She was surprised and delighted to receive the award and the wider recognition that goes with it.

“To be honest, I never expected to win any awards, so I feel very honoured to be able to stand out in this prestigious international competition,” she said. “It is definitely a milestone in my translation studies and will further ignite my passion to keep working in this field.”

Aside from the prize, Helle found that simply taking part in the competition was a valuable learning experience. “It has helped in broadening my horizons, being able to learn alongside translators from other cities and countries. It made me realise that learning can take place outside the classroom and that it is essential to seize chances to challenge yourself. Regardless of the results, you will benefit from the process.”

Helle prepared for the competition by doing research on previous editions, analysing some award-winning texts to help in polishing her own skills and adding extra rhetorical touches. She already had a strong foundation from her study of key linguistic concepts and intensive translation practice. It was important, though, to sharpen her awareness and use of idioms and to think both critically and creatively.

Last year, Helle won first runner-up prize in the translation competition organised by The Education University of Hong Kong. She is understandably grateful to her teachers.

“The professors have always encouraged us to participate in various competitions to challenge ourselves,” she said. “They share success stories to inspire us. Therefore, I was motivated to take on what turned out to be a rewarding and fruitful journey, and I am very grateful to have had such an experience.”

Established in 2011, the BLCU International Translation and Interpreting Competition has attracted an increasing number of contestants every year, with participants from China, Britain, the United States, France, Singapore and Australia in the most recent competition.