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The Higher You Get, the More You See

LO Pui-ki Pinky
Department of Asian and International Studies Graduate of 2008

It is already nine years since I graduated from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). I was in the Department of Asian and International Studies and realised early on that there are lessons to be learned from every major event or news article. The topics covered back then included globalisation, international trade and China’s emergence as a world power, all of which are still relevant today. Importantly, though, my time at CityU also taught me how to aim higher and broaden my horizons.

After graduation, I happened to take part in a competition organised by NowTV and, as a result, became a TV host. Later, I joined ViuTV, which led to a number of new opportunities in the entertainment industry. Over the years, I have taken part in travel and food programmes, done reality shows focusing on Korean trends, and conducted interviews with celebrities. Having taken a minor in Korean language while at CityU, I feel quite comfortable handling programmes about Korean trends and interviewing Korean stars.

To be an effective host on TV, you have to be familiar with the script and well prepared for any interview. Other key qualities include composure, attention to detail, and a good sense of awareness. Of course, clear articulation in Cantonese is important. Overall, though, it is not that difficult to acquire the necessary professional skills provided you have enough determination and patience.

Hosting is a lot of fun and brings plenty of surprises. For example, you discover that Leon Lai has a straightforward approach to life; Eason Chan is surprisingly low-key; Louis Koo and Anthony Wong are not really that cool; Karena Lam lives in pursuit of truth, virtue and beauty: and Korean celebrities like Gong Yoo, Kim Sooh-yun and Song Hye-kyo have a special kind of charisma.

The entertainment industry offers a lot of excitement, but quite a few of my peers don’t have even HK$100 in their bank accounts. I’m fortunate to make a stable living, but as you gain experience, some of the work becomes more routine, so you have to make sure not to lose your passion for the job. Attitude determines altitude, so I always tell myself to be ready for anything and keep looking for new challenges.

As an artiste, I am really grateful that CityU has invited me back to host various events and share my experience with students. I am very glad to see their interest and passion for learning. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences allows students to develop their talents on different platforms. And the interactive teaching methods along with overseas visits and internship programmes provide relevant experience and choices, letting them live campus life to the fullest.