From the Dean

From the Dean

In this issue we explain Dr CHEUNG Choryung’s understanding of university education, which is a holistic approach providing students with a favourable environment for knowledge acquisition and whole-person development. He thinks that it is vital for students to look beyond practicality and adopt a “humanistic” perspective, with a good understanding of humanity and great care for the community and society.

We also discuss our Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships Seminar for senior secondary students and their parents on July 8, 2017, in which we promoted liberal arts and social sciences education. In the Seminar, Professor Dennis WONG Sing-wing, Dr CHAN Hokyin and Dr CHEUNG Chor-yung shared their insights on the role humanities and social sciences play in society.

In our annual CLASS Awards Day ceremony, teaching fellows and students were recognised for their outstanding achievements in the categories of “Discovery-enriched Curriculum”, “Research”, “Teaching Innovation” and “Knowledge Transfer”. The award-winning projects showcased how research and innovative ideas could improve human’s wellbeing and the importance to step out of the ivory tower.

In the globalised world, we shall develop a global horizon and leverage our expertise in line with the international growth and needs. In this issue, we discuss the “Belt and Road” research project led by Professor LI Che-lan Linda, which aims to contribute to strategies in different political conditions for better governance in the “Belt and Road”.

Finally, we discuss the teaching approach adopted by Dr Nicholas THOMAS, the winner of this year’s Teaching Excellence Awards. He has departed from traditional ways of teaching and has played a major role in developing students’ critical thinking.