Students and Alumni

CLASS Equips Elite Students to be Future Leaders

CHOW Hau-yu Iris
Department of Public Policy

University life is full of adventures and opportunities for personal growth. Students will experience many changes and adjustments as well as undertake new responsibilities and challenges. Keen to experience everything, I have tried to step outside my comfort zone to meet new people and make new friends, and to organise student activities to get involved in different aspects of university life.

I major in environmental policy. The programme provides me with the professional knowledge and training to carry out independent, experiential studies on issues concerning the environment. Apart from developing myself through academic study, I participate actively in a range of extra-curricular activities and serve as a committee member of the Hong Kong Green Sevens Student Programme. I have become more self-confident and cultivated a strong sense to serve others. I am very glad that at the nomination of my department, the College has selected me to be one of the elite student leaders in CLASS.

The College provides elite student leaders with training to enhance our communication and leadership skills and to foster whole person development. We have benefited from various workshops organised by the College on public speaking, personal image and styling, and effective leadership which were all very useful and practical. As an elite student leader, I have the opportunities to support the organisation of major events and activities of the College. I assisted in the CLASS Graduation Ceremony and learned a lot from the College Office staff on event coordination and customer-servicing.

Elite student leaders have different opportunities to contribute to College activities and develop different skills. These are all valuable learning experiences. What’s more, the College Elite Leader Programme allows me to get to know other elite students from different disciplines. It is inspiring and rewarding to connect with fellow students who are enthusiastic to share their ideas and opinions in a spirit of real friendship. We appreciate each other’s strengths, help each other to grow and join hands to serve CLASS and CityU.

I am proud to be an elite student leader of CLASS but at the same time I realise that there is still much for me to learn and improve. A leader does not work alone but strives to motivate others, promote team building, and link vision with individual action.

The College Elite Leader Programme provides meaningful opportunities for students to foster whole person development, nurture interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. The elite leader programme has enhanced my college experience through student engagement and helped me pursue an all-round development in academic as well as non-academic areas. I have developed a greater sense of belonging to the College. I hope that all the elite student leaders of CLASS will encourage each other as well as inspire future student leaders to equip for leadership through service and community engagement.