From the Dean

From the Dean

Prof Xiaowei Zang, Dean of CLASS

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) has always upheld the spirit of humanism. We attach great importance to studies on "humans" and society. Our scholars interpret the role of humans, explore the context of humans, and analyse their social relationships and interactions between humans and their society.

Our efforts in these fields have been scoring achievements. Professor LO Tit-wing, Head of the Department of Applied Social Sciences, for example, has been commissioned by the Macao government to survey the living conditions of the local handicapped people, so as to help the authorities formulate a 10- year rehabilitation programme. Coincidentally, several scholars from the same department have been searching for more humanistic pedagogy for primary schools. For example, Dr CHOW Wing-yin Bonnie has received support from the Quality Education Fund for her research in meeting the diverse needs of English learners by using interactive and creative teaching methods in a new environment of learning built for them. Supported by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation, Dr KWOK LAI Yuk-ching Sylvia applies principles of Positive Psychology to curriculum design and campus activities so as to help nurture a positive life attitude amongst schoolchildren. All these examples prove that, to bring about a new structural topology for our society, "humans" and the various facets of their community must be scrutinised and reflected upon from a diverse field of vision.

We at CLASS stress the crucial role of fundamental researches, and highly value knowledge transfer as it manifests the practical application of researches. One good example is Project Flame, an innovative project that we initiated, which combines academic studies with professional education. Students absorb creative ideas, set up social enterprises, and serve the needy through an array of learning activities such as training courses and overseas exchanges and internships. The project not only helps students carve out their own careers but also epitomizes the lofty ethics and virtues of humanity.

Our alumna CHAN Tsui-shan Kiki, who majored in Chinese, has received an outstanding teaching award. Her accomplishment is proof of the College's dedication to professional education. Certainly, quality education can never be provided behind closed doors; we need to open a window to the vast blue sky out there. The Joint Bachelor's Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University in the US, for instance, enables our students to receive top-notch university education worldwide. Two students of CLASS, MA Wai-shan Gloria and YAN Ying-fong Gigi, have gained a lot of insight from that programme.

This issue of CITY CLASS, I hope, will help you learn more about the characteristics of the teaching and research at City University's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, which in turn will boost our exchanges and interactions.