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Kiki Chan is deeply honoured to receive the 11th Outstanding Teachers Award organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers.

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers a broad range of professionally oriented programmes. Students in the College have a range of choices for their careers when they graduate. Their stories affirm that the professional education offered by the College is one of the contributing factors to our graduate's success. In this issue, CHAN Tsui-shan Kiki, an alumna of CAH, is invited to share her success story with us.

Miss CHAN Tsui-shan Kiki
Department of Chinese and History Graduate of 2003

I have been a teacher for eleven years. Time flies. I remember that when I was studying for my bachelor's degree in Chinese at the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics (the degree is now offered by the Department of Chinese and History) of the City University of Hong Kong, the teachers kept telling us, "the teaching paradigm is changing. As a teacher, you can't just try to 'pour' knowledge into the students' minds mechanically. A teacher should act as a facilitator, so that students can benefit the most."

I was quite confused when I first learnt about that, as I couldn't quite grasp idea then. Yet I've always kept that tip of my teachers' in mind. In the last decade, I have been trying hard to act in that spirit in each of my classes. As my teaching career is in its eleventh year, I can speak with confidence to my dearest teachers that now I understand well what they meant in those years. In the last eleven years, I have made an effort launching and implementing the "Student Mentoring Scheme". I want to give my students more opportunities to join and lead in classroom activities, and I hope they can help one another as fellow learners.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers at CityU. Without the knowledge and inspiration that they imparted to me, I could not have found a suitable approach to helping my students so effectively and so successfully.

In the future, I will strive to refine the "Student Mentoring Scheme" so as to further encourage peer support among my students, and I will try and design more interactive lessons to engage them all and bring out the best of their talents.