CLASS Hosts First DEC Award to Promote Innovative Spirit

Back: LAM Hau-yin, CHAN Ka-kei, LI Wing-kiu, CHAN Hau-yin, ZHANG Meng, PAN Ying, KANG Yaqi, CHEN Kexiao
Front: VILLAREAL Tina Marie B., YEUNG Chak-yan, LAU Shing-fung, CHEUNG Chun-pong

The honorable guests are impressed by the student projects. Prof Arthur ELLIS, Provost (left), Prof Way KUO, President (middle) and Ms Ada WONG JP (right)

Prof Gary FENG presents the award to the winner of Undergraduate Runner-up (Group).

The winners of the DEC Awards are interviewed by the morning programme of Metro Broadcast.

Discovery and innovation are core to the curricula of all levels at CityU. The objective of the Discovery-Enriched Curriculum (DEC) is simple and clear — students make new discoveries in learning, exert a creative spirit and strive to innovate while they receive education in liberal arts and social sciences.

CLASS hosted its first DEC Competition to enhance students' ability to innovate and to practise professionalism, so that they would understand the world from multiple perspectives, work diligently in the pursuit of knowledge, and experience positive personal growth.

The CLASS DEC Competition was open to all students of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The response to the competition was enthusiastic. Close to 50 student submissions were received; six groups of students stood out from the rest after professional assessment by a judging panel.

Undergraduate Runner-up (Individual) LAM Hau-yin Jacinth points out that her social work practicum has offered her a rare opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills she learnt at the university: "The experience that I shared with my client in this practicum helped me reflect on myself and my service users. I hope to share my discovery in this practicum through the project." Jacinth used an innovative way to achieve her goal. "I must preserve my client's confidentiality. I cannot reveal the identity of my client, nor could I show any pictures of her. That is why I used hand-drawn animation to tell the story of a person who had recovered from mental illness. I hope my project can help enhance the public's concern about those people. In my work, I used a series of simple drawings to show the journey that I walked side by side on with the central character, Sabrina. I hope my vivid presentation can help my audience see my experience, research outputs and reflections obtained from the interviews conducted during my practicum."

Christine CHAN and LI Wing-kiu are both students of English Department. Their work, "Museum", was named this year's Undergraduate Champion (Group). They say, "When people think about the Department of English, they instantly connect it to the study of texts, and picture it as a rather dull programme. However, at CityU's Department of English, creation is much encouraged. We made films, poems, short stories, etc. We therefore tried something new with live theatre." The group benefited much from their creative experience. "Except for acting, we worked on every aspect of the project. We spent a lot of time on the production of props and set decorations. We also made a series of promotional materials, including bookmarks, posters and banners. The number of viewers who showed up on the day was double what we had expected. Many were members of the public. Most of them were impressed by the great acting of the amateur actors. We owe our thanks to the director of the play Dr Peter Jordan."

The awards ceremony was held at CityU on 15 May. At the delightful preceremony tea reception, educators exchanged insights while awardees shared their joy. Both Professor Way KUO, President of CityU, and Professor Xiaowei ZANG, Dean of CLASS, were invited to officiate at the ceremony and to present opening remarks. During his speech, Professor Zang said he looked forward to hearing about the students' discoveries, innovations and inventions in their chosen fields in the future. Professor Kuo, Ms Ada Ying-kay WONG, JP, Provost Professor Arthur ELLIS and Associate Provost Professor Gary FENG presented the awards to all the winners at the ceremony. A short video was played on each awardee as a brief introduction to their winning projects, so that participants could have a general understanding of the scope of the projects. During the ceremony, Ms Ada Wong also shared anecdotes from founding the platform "Make a Difference", on how to inspire youngsters' creativity and innovation to bring positive changes to society.

Awardees were interviewed by Metro Radio (FM997) on the station's morning programme during 18–26 May. On the programme, students talked about their award-winning experience and how they manifested the essence of the Discovery- Enriched Curriculum as an attempt to inspire more people.

The awardees of CLASS DEC Awards 2015 :

Award Winning Project
Undergraduate Champion (Individual) From Eyes to Eyes: An Application of the Eye-Tracking Laboratory
LAU Shing-fung (Department of Applied Social Sciences)
Undergraduate Runner-up (Individual) Social Work Practicum: Development of a Practice Protocol: in Working with a Person with Mental Illness
LAM Hau Yin Jacinth (Department of Applied Social Sciences)
Undergraduate Champion (Group) Museum
CHAN Hau-yin Christine, HUYNH Wendy, LI Wing-kiu, LUK Feiman, Tina Marie B. VILLAREAL (Department of English)
Undergraduate Runner-up (Group) A Mobile Phone Game Design – Pet-Ba-Ma
CHAN Ka-kei, CHEUNG Chun-pong (Department of Applied Social Sciences)
Postgraduate Champion (Individual) Treebank Visualization Tool
YEUNG Chak-yan (Department of Linguistics and Translation)
Postgraduate Champion (Group) Tiny Effort, Lovely World
CHE Junming, CHEN Kexiao, CHEN Xiaoxue, DING Yan-zhong, KANG Yaqi, PAN Ying, ZHANG Meng (Department of Media and Communication / School of Creative Media)