Multi-faceted Interactions with Secondary School Teachers and Students

To encourage diverse literary creative writing among CityU students, the Department of Chinese and History (CAH) of the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) hosted a number of literary activities in 2016. Writers and scholars were invited to give talks on campus about their personal experience in writing and the history of Chinese literature development. Besides, for participants from outside CityU, especially senior secondary school students, CAH organized a series of writing events, including three mini-story writing workshops as well as two talks on writing skills. Joining hands with secondary schools and local literary and arts groups, CAH also hosted the fifth Hong Kong Mini-story Writing Contest. The panel of more than 50 judges comprised renowned local writers, secondary school teachers and CAH teaching staff. The contest attracted enormous student participation.

Another large-scale writing-related activity was the lecture about strategies for taking the 2017 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Chinese Language papers. The lecture gave an in-depth analysis of the two papers that involved writing skills (Paper 2 Writing and Paper 3 Listening and Integrated Skills). These two papers had been a matter of public concern in the past few years, and the lecture provided many candidates with useful tips on how to achieve a grade of 5**.

The above events lasted a span of one and a half years. In addition to the lecture on HKDSE Chinese Language papers, which helped Hong Kong senior secondary school students tackle their immediate challenges of examination, there were also writing workshops for primary and secondary school students and a city-wide mini-story writing contest, all of which contributed to the long-term objective of enhancing creative writing skills among local students. CAH has also set up a communication database together with over 500 secondary schools in Hong Kong and regularly released information on CAH curriculum and activities through various channels.

In the coming year, the department will continue to strengthen the link with local secondary schools by having more exchanges and visits, and at the same time nurture an interest in Chinese literature, history and arts among secondary school teachers and students by launching more activities such as the Teaching and Learning Talk series, Hong Kong Senior Secondary School History Topics Design Competition, Hong Kong Cultural and Historical Monuments Study Tour, University Students Summer Camp and many others. Not only can these activities help secondary school students to improve their writing skills in the Chinese language, raise their literacy in culture and history, and enhance their creativity in cultural works, but also enable local secondary schools and the general public to have a deeper understanding of CityU and CAH.