Planning for success in university education

A seminar on "University Life Planning and CityU Scholarships for Hong Kong Talents" was organised by CLASS on 9 July 2016. The seminar aimed to give secondary school students advice on university life planning and to support parents and teachers to help their children/students launch on the road to success in university education.

Professor Xiaowei ZANG, Dean of CLASS, together with Associate Deans Professor Dennis WONG and Dr Peppina LEE, introduced the participants to CityU's accomplishments and the educational philosophy and features of the undergraduate programmes of CLASS.

Two outstanding students shared their learning experiences and success stories at the seminar. Gloria MA, a Psychology major in the Department of Applied Social Sciences who is currently taking part in the Joint Bachelor's Degree Program between CityU and Columbia University, talked about her international education experience and how she managed to achieve academic success by balancing her study and leisure time, taking a proactive attitude in seizing opportunities to develop all-round skills and planning and pursuing her goals.

Jelly CHEUNG, a fresh graduate with First Class Honours in Translation and Interpretation, joined overseas exchanges and internships during her undergraduate studies at CLASS. She not only broadened her horizons, but also got the chance to immerse herself in different cultures through various internationalisation activities. Jelly also participated in a mentor-and-mentee programme to support the junior students. Serving as a mentor also helped her to develop leadership skills. Jelly was thankful to have good and supportive teachers who were always patient in giving her guidance and advice in her studies and life. After graduation, Jelly chose to join the civil service.

Gloria and Jelly expressed their deep gratitude to the College and their departments for the valuable learning opportunities offered to them. Both were awarded a number of scholarships during their studies at CityU. At the seminar, information was provided on the new entrance scholarships for talented local students launched by the University.

This year's CityU Information Day will be held on 15 October 2016. Exhibitions, talks and information sessions will be organised to provide the latest information about academic programmes and university life at CityU. All secondary school students, parents and teachers are welcome to attend the event. For details please visit