Creative projects highlight the success of EN students

Students presented their project working with the Consulate General of Ireland Hong Kong and Macau to visitors in the exhibition.

Visitors left their fingerprint in support of the student group collaborating with World Wide Fund - Hong Kong

Each year teams of undergraduate students in the Department of English work on their final year projects with various public and private sector organisations in Hong Kong using the creative and professional English knowledge and skills that they have acquired throughout their BA English Studies (BAELST) undergraduate programme to plan and execute creative and communication-related projects. These projects constitute a year-long 6 credit course and the teams are guided by academic supervisors from the Department of English.

This academic year, 2015-16, all of the 26 student project teams discovered what it is to work in the real world as communication consultants and have been tasked to meet workplace challenges and to identify and implement workable solutions in the course of their projects. All of these student project teams fully applied their English language competencies to design, plan and implement a range of creative and professional communication-related tasks and events, such as launching NGO fund-raising activities, designing websites, writing corporate, promotional and media materials, conducting market research investigations, initiating CEO rebranding programmes implementing community outreach initiatives, and launching special events on behalf of their host organisations.

Organisational partners this year included: ADM Capital Foundation; American Women's Association (AWA); Asia Week Hong Kong Limited; Chinese Cultural Studies Center; The Consulate General of Ireland Hong Kong and Macau; Effect by e&e; Executive Counsel Ltd; HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK); APCO and the Hong Kong Forum for Responsible Drinking (FReD); Hong Kong Generation Next Arts; Hong Kong Red Cross; Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF); La Nao Consulting; Loom Loop; Orbis Hong Kong; Project A Ltd.; The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Hong Kong); SCMP Charities Limited - Operation Santa Claus; World Wide Fund - Hong Kong; and World Vision Hong Kong.

The professional and creative communication projects on show at this year's project exhibition, themed Infinite Possibilities, represent a significant journey from classroom to boardroom experienced across the year-long projects and throughout their undergraduate programme. This real-world experience gives students a head start ensuring that they are well prepared for their future professional careers as they have generated infinite creative and professional solutions to meet their project challenges.