Knowledge transfer projects

Below are knowledge transfer projects conducted or being conducted by colleagues in the College. Some are related to consultancy and contract research, others are concerned with using expert knowledge to serving the community. Yet, some others projects entail the provision of internships for students or involving the students in rendering expertise knowledge to people in the community.

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An innovative project to work with students to discover and transfer the knowledge of social work by discovering the quality of social workers from service users’ perspective
This is the innovative project I am working with social work students of SS Department and the incoming new students of CLASS to discover and transfer the new knowledge about social work. The new knowledge we focus on is the quality of social workers from service users’ perspective. In social work ... Read more

Principal Investigator: Dr KAM, Ping Kwong
Date of Submission: 16-May-2013

Strength-based “Train the Trainer” Practice: Narrative therapy in Action Project link
Interest in spirituality, meaning and purposes of life as a source of strength for people experiencing illness and disability is growing among health and social work professions. Yet, current health and social services for chronically-ill persons and caregivers are primarily relied on the ... Read more

Principal Investigator: Dr Esther Chow
Date of Submission: 15-May-2013

Integration and Application of Family Therapy and Computer Program Knowledge – from Teachers to Students to Counseling Professionals for Developing Family Communication and Harmony Project link
The project aims to develop family counseling tools (including board games and computer games) for the social workers, counselors, educational and clinical psychologists in counseling families. The project involves a total of 80 students from SS and another 120 students from CS. Students from the ... Read more

Principal Investigator: Dr Sylvia Kwok
Date of Submission: 15-May-2013

Hong Kong Housing Home Page Enhanced Project Project link
Housing is one of the major policy issues attracting concern of many sectors of local and international community. The current Special Administrative Region Government of Hong Kong accorded housing one of the very top priorities in its action list. The Hong Kong Housing Home Page Enhanced ... Read more

Principal Investigator: Dr LAU Kwok-yu
Date of Submission: 15-May-2013

“Serve, learn, and change” - Knowledge Transfer to Promote Social Changes: City-Youth Empowerment Project Project link
City-Youth Empowerment Project (CYEP) was established in 2005 as a non-credit bearing service-learning project open to ALL CityU students, mobilizing them to serve the underprivileged, to enhance civic and social commitment, and to integrate community practice-oriented knowledge to the academic ... Read more

Principal Investigator: Dr Au Liu Suk Ching Elaine
Date of Submission: 14-May-2013

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