This event was held on 6-7 August 2015. Click here for the recap.

Invited Presentations

Topic Author Affiliation
State of the Field: Ethnic Minorities in China Xiaowei Zang City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
(1) Ethnic Minority Groups in Northwest China
(2) Xinjiang and the Uyghurs
Michael Dillon The Royal Historical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society, UK
(1) Ethnic Minority Groups in Southwest China
(2) Response to Ethnic Marginalization in China
Jianxiong Ma Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Nation-Building and Multiculturalism in China Minglang Zhou University of Maryland, US
Representations of Chinese Minorities Louisa Schein Rutgers University, US
Minority Languages and Cultures Colin Mackerras Griffith University, Australia
The State of Research on Urban Chinese Ethnicity William Jankowiak University of Nevada Las Vegas, US
Gender Norms among Ethnic Minorities in China Shanshan Du University of Tulane, USA
Ethnic Inequality in Education Yangbin Chen La Trobe University, Australia
Ethnic Disparities in Economic Well-being Björn Gustafsson University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Ethnic Tourism in China Tim Oakes University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Minority Affirmative Action Policies in PRC Jim Leibold La Trobe University, Australia
Tibet in China? China in Tibet: An Historical Overview Benno Weiner Carnegie Mellon University, US
Integration Policy and South Asian Minorities in Hong Kong Kam Yee Law The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
Impact of Ethnic Minorities on China's Foreign Policy Michael Clarke Australian National University, Australia
Ethnic Autonomous Regions Hongyi Lai The University of Nottingham, UK