Academic Workshop on Public Administration: Context and Innovation

Date & Time :
3 May (Friday), 9:00am – 5:30pm
4 May (Saturday), 9:00am – 12:30pm
Venue : G7619, 7/F, Green Zone, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong (Please use Lift 2)
Language : English

Abstract :

Innovation is a crucial theme for public administration all over the world. Studying the relations between innovation and public administration is a priority for researchers and policy-makers. However, the global significance of the topic must not lead to “one-size-fits-all” approach that overlooks local differences. Public administration is embedded in distinctive and diverse “contexts”. The cultural, political and administrative contexts shape public administration, the ways in which it works and it may be changed.

The workshop will explore the relationships between context, public administration and innovation. It will compare the European and the Chinese, or more broadly Confucian, contexts and the ways in which they affect public administration and innovation.

18 scholars from the following universities will join the workshop (in alphabetical order):

  • Baptist University of Hong Kong
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Fudan University, China
  • Murdoch University, Australia
  • Open University, United Kingdom
  • Renmin University, China
  • Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • The Hong Kong Education University
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Tianjin University, China
  • University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Yonsei University, Korea

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