Overseas Summer Schools

Thank you for your interest. The application period is over.

Application Procedures

Students who would like to participate in the Overseas Summer Schools should follow the application procedures stated below:

  1. Compare the programme options, identify the programme(s) and course(s) that fits your interest, and prioritise your choices.
  2. If you plan to apply for credit transfer, please consult your Programme / Major / Course Leaders about suitability of your proposed courses of study and credit transfer arrangement.
  3. Prepare an electronic copy of the following documents for upload during the application process:
    1. passport page showing name, photo, passport number and expiry date
    2. your academic transcript (remarks: transcript printed from AIMS is acceptable. Click here for a sample)
    3. your personal information/student status information in AIMS (Click here for a sample)
    4. proof of English language proficiency*
    5. a signed student undertaking form (the form can be downloaded here )
  4. Apply online via this link before the application deadline. You may select up to three (3) programme choices in your application.
  5. After announcement of results, you will have around 2-3 days to accept the offer by paying HK$3,000 caution money and fill in the reply slip enclosed in the announcement email. Submit the payment slip together with the signed reply slip to Internationalisation Services of the College Office at G7609, 7/F, Green Zone, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building before the specified deadline.
  6. Pay the overall programme fee to the College.
  7. Receive official admission offer from host institution.
  8. Apply to the host institution. Register for courses.
  9. Lodge your visa application and prepare for departure.
  10. Attend the pre-departure briefing session before departure and the post-trip debriefing session after your return. Complete all the assignments and fulfill all the requirements of the College and the host institution.

*The following results may also be considered: IELTS score result, TOEFL score result, transcript of HKALE, HKDSE, A/AS Level – Use of English/English Literature, and NUEE (for Mainland students without the aforementioned test results).

Notes to Applicants

  1. Before you file an application, please note the following:
    1. Failure to submit any of the required documents will constitute an incomplete submission, and the application will NOT be processed.
    2. Application results will be announced to successful applicants by email in February/March. Please check your CityU email account (i.e. EID-c@my.cityu.edu.hk) frequently. Students need to pay a refundable HK$3,000 caution money to confirm the offer acceptance. For students that will be out of town at this period of time, please make appropriate arrangements in advance, i.e. seeking help from family/relatives, friends or classmates to pay the caution money and submit the reply slip to the Internationalisation Services before the stipulated deadline. The Internationalisation Services reserves the right to forfeit an offer, should any student fail to pay the caution money by the deadline.
    3. Caution money: The caution money is refundable, provided that students fulfill all programme requirements. It is non-transferable and does not form any portion of the programme fee. Students who withdraw at any time with no strong justifiable reason will not get any refund. If any additional costs is incurred after full payment, e.g. change in exchange rate or rise of fuel costs/other charges for air ticket, the additional cost will be deducted from the caution money.
    4. Once accepting the offer, you are obliged to attend all pre- and post-trip meetings and the briefing session and any activities connected to Overseas Summer Schools before and after the participation in the programme as required by the College.
      • The compulsory pre-departure briefing session will be held on either 21 or 22 May 2020 (Thursday or Friday) for one FULL DAY.
      • A separate pre-departure briefing session for the Boston group will be arranged, tentatively in the week of either 4 or 11 May 2020, subject to participating students’ exam schedules. The date will be arranged when the exam timetable is released by the University.
      • The post-trip debriefing forum and its rehearsal will be scheduled in late August.
      • In this connection, plans you may have shortly before or after the programme, i.e. tour with friends and family, or join another study tour, or return home for a summer holiday, might have to be rescheduled. Your sponsorship will be forfeited if you do not attend ALL the related activities. If you are not sure about the dates of these activities, you are responsible for finding out these dates by contacting CLASS Internationalisation Services.
    5. Note to non-local applicants:
      Further to note (d) above, you have to make sure you are able to attend the pre-departure briefing and the post-trip debriefing forum. The post-trip debriefing forum usually will be held in late August. To do so, you have to ensure that your accommodation in Hong Kong will still be available after you complete the summer programme and make sure that you will be back in Hong Kong for the post-trip debriefing forum. No further subsidies will be provided for this purpose;
    6. Note to applicants who will go on semester-long exchanges:
      If you have successfully applied for a student exchange programme for Semester A 2020-21, please make sure you are able to attend the post-trip debriefing forum. This forum will be held in late August according to current plans.
    7. You are responsible for arranging the credit transfer of the courses you study by contacting your Programme / Major and Course Leader(s) and your department.
    8. The College may require you to share your experience with potential applicants through activities organised by the College.
    9. There is no stay behind after the completion of the programme. You will have obligations to fulfil immediately after the programme.
  2. If you cannot fulfill any of the above requirements without strong justifiable reasons, your caution money, and programme fee if applicable, will be forfeited and you may be required to repay CityU the full amount of sponsorship, and any related penalties if applicable, which has been given to you for this programme.

Last update: 4 February 2020