Semester A 2019 - 20 courses offered by Department of Public Policy (POL)

Important notes for exchange students:

  1. Course availability is subject to confirmation.
  2. Course registration is subject to the approval by the concerned department.
  3. Students should select courses at level B2 to B4 and fulfill course pre-requisites if applicable.
  4. Students should take 12-18 credit units in a semester.
  5. Students wishing to take courses other than the prescribed list below can approach the respective departments for advice and registration upon their arrival at CityU. Enrolment of individual students at such courses are at the discretion of the respective teaching department.
  6. The schedule of the following list will be available in early August for Semester A and early Dec for Semester B. Students are advised to check their courses to avoid any time clash in courses and add/ drop courses within the list on their arrival.
Course Code Course Title Level Language of Instruction Requirement / Restriction Remarks
GE1109 Values and Justice in the Contemporary World B1 English Nil
GE1117 Music and Human Values: Philosophical Investigations B1 English Nil
GE2106 Philosophy and Life: A Dialogue B2 English Nil
GE2134 Critical and Creative Thinking B2 English Nil
POL2104 Government and Politics in Hong Kong B2 English Nil
POL2105 Introduction to Political Science B2 English Nil
POL2107 Government, Law and Society B2 English Nil
POL2201 Public Policy and Social Development B2 English Nil
POL2307 Principles of Public Sector Management B2 English Nil
POL2528 Urban Planning and Sustainable Cities B2 English Nil
POL2530 Introduction to Urban Studies B2 English Nil
POL3107 Comparative Politics B3 English Nil
POL3109 Approaches in Political Analysis B3 English Nil
POL3112 Political Participation and Social Movements B3 English Nil
POL3113 Issues in Contemporary World Politics B3 English Nil
POL3232 Transport Policy and the Environment B3 English Nil
POL3241 Approaches in Policy Making and Analysis B3 English Nil
POL3306 Organizational Behaviour for Public Management B3 English Nil
POL3307 Managing Financial Resources in the Public Sector B3 English Nil
POL3310 Public Management in the Information Age B3 English Nil
POL3315 Ethics in Government B3 English Nil
POL3410 Management Ethics B3 English Nil


Remarks: B2 - Undergraduate courses (elementary level)
  B3 - Undergraduate courses (intermediate/advanced level)
  B4 - Undergraduate courses (advanced level)