Semester A 2019 - 20 courses offered by Department of Linguistics and Translation (LT)

Important notes for exchange students:

  1. Course availability is subject to confirmation.
  2. Course registration is subject to the approval by the concerned department.
  3. Students should select courses at level B2 to B4 and fulfill course pre-requisites if applicable.
  4. Students should take 12-18 credit units in a semester.
  5. Students wishing to take courses other than the prescribed list below can approach the respective departments for advice and registration upon their arrival at CityU. Enrolment of individual students at such courses are at the discretion of the respective teaching department.
  6. The schedule of the following list will be available in early August for Semester A and early Dec for Semester B. Students are advised to check their courses to avoid any time clash in courses and add/ drop courses within the list on their arrival.
Course Code Course Title Level Language of Instruction Requirement / Restriction Remarks
GE1132 Mind, Brain and Language: How Are Human Beings Special? B1 English Nil Full
GE2111 Image of the City – Language, Culture and Society B2 English Nil
GE2124 The World through Languages B2/A2 English Nil
LT2201 Introduction to Linguistics B2 English Nil Full
LT2203 Language in Society B2 English Nil
LT2204 Language and Mind B2 English Nil
LT2229 Linguistics I B2 English Nil
LT2321 Culture and Translation B2 English (supplemented by Chinese) Nil Full
LT2341 Fundamentals of Translation B2 English and Chinese Nil Full
LT2602 Spanish 2 B2 Spanish (supplemented by English) LT2601/CLA2601 Spanish 1
LT3210 Electronic Publishing B3 English Nil
LT3214 Phonology B3 English LT3212 Phonetics
LT3216 Chinese Linguistics B3 English supplemented by Chinese LT2229 Linguistics I
LT3233 Computational Linguistics B3 English LT2201 Introduction to Linguistics or LT2229 Linguistics I or LT2290 Introduction to Language Studies
LT3234 Language and Cognition B3 English Nil Full
LT3346 Bilingual Editing Skills B3 English and Chinese Nil Full
LT3349 Legal Translation B3 English and Chinese Nil Full
LT3351 Literary Translation B3 English and Chinese Nil Full
LT3352 Scientific and Technical Translation B3 English and Chinese Nil Full
LT3354 Computer-Aided Translation B3 English Nil
LT3403 French 3 B3 French supplemented by English LT2402/CLA2402 French 2 or LT2406/CLA2406 Intensive French 1 and 2
LT3503 German 3 B3 German supplemented by English LT2502/CLA2502 German 2 or LT2506/CLA2506 Intensive German 1 and 2
LT3603 Spanish 3 B3 Spanish supplemented by English LT2602/CLA2602 Spanish 2 or LT2606/CLA2606 Intensive Spanish 1 and 2
LT4216 Advanced Topics in Linguistics B4 English LT3209 Syntax and LT3211 Semantics and LT3214 Phonology
LT4241 Topics in Syntax B4 English LT3209 Syntax
LT4255 Applied Psycholinguistics B4 English LT2204 Language and Mind and LT2229 Linguistics I
LT4327 Issues in the History of Translation B4 English and Chinese (for topics on Chinese translation, literature, and culture) Nil Full
LT4363 Specialized Translation for Government and Public Administration B4 English and Chinese Nil Full
LT4364 Specialized Translation for the Media B4 English and Chinese (Cantonese) Nil Full


Remarks: B2 - Undergraduate courses (elementary level)
  B3 - Undergraduate courses (intermediate/advanced level)
  B4 - Undergraduate courses (advanced level)