Our talents
Award-winning projects of the CLASS DEC Competition 2015
From eyes to eyes: an application of the eye-tracking laboratory
Undergraduate Champion (Individual)

An eye-tracking study on gaze patterns between single and partnered individuals examines the association between visual attention and relationships. The study sheds light on the patterns of eye gaze projected on human figures in interpersonal psychological research. The findings support that participants in loving, committed relationships pay less visual attention to the opposite sex than their single counterparts, and the gaze patterns for the male and the female participants are different.
Social work practicum: Development of a practice protocol in working with a person with mental illness
Undergraduate Runner-up (Individual)

Her personal experiences in the social work practicum convinced Jacinth that a supportive attitude, empathetic understanding and psychosocial interventions are effective approaches in serving people with mental illness. Inspired by the Internet meme ‘Draw My Life’, Jacinth has made use of a series of drawings to creatively illustrate the deep insights she gained in helping her client walk away from fear on the road to recovery.
Undergraduate Champion (Group)

A final-year project on a theatre production of Museum, a play by award-winning playwright Tina Howe, has unleashed the creativity and problem-solving skills of a group of English Studies students, helping them to devise insightful solutions to managing every step of theatre production, from costume design and set construction to event promotion, using a variety of means and media.
A Mobile Phone Game Design - Pet Ba Ma
Undergraduate Runner-up (Group)

Applying knowledge of positive psychology and personality development, Pet Ba Ma, an innovative and educational mobile game, helps children and teenagers with emotional problems to develop positive life values and better mental health. Targeted at senior primary students, Pet Ba Ma requires players to raise a pet as its parent and help it to make the right choices and tackle ‘real-life’ problems in a positive way.
Treebank Visualization Tool
Postgraduate Champion (Individual)

A treebank is a database of sentences annotated with syntactic information that shows how the different elements of a sentence relate to one another. An online treebank visualization tool has been created to enable users without linguistics or computing backgrounds to understand texts in a graphical way and find patterns in word usage that might not be identifiable through normal search engines.
Tiny effort, lovely world
Postgraduate Champion (Group)

A recent study of Chinese public welfare on Weibo (微博) demonstrates deep critical thinking on the effectiveness of social networking sites in spreading the idea of charity, cultivating civility and integrating social resources. The emergence of social media technologies has opened up a new era of micro public welfare and changed the way the public engages in philanthropy.