The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) fully supports Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) to ignite a passion for knowledge and discovery in our students
CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) emphasises on discovery, innovation, and community engagement. DEC lies at the heart of our educational strategy in CLASS. We aim to guide students to conduct problem-focused research on people and societies in Asia and beyond as part of their acquisition of a strong sense of social responsibility and sustainability; and by doing so, enrich their academic life in CLASS with both a local and global perspective and experiences in knowledge generation and transfer.
Professor Richard M. WALKER
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


Departments and teachers of CLASS are devoted to building a DEC that integrates DEC elements into classroom teaching, and promotes the DEC culture in learning activities outside the classroom. Our goal is to enable our students to develop their learning potential and learning motivation through discovery-based learning, not only in their studies at CityU, but also in lifelong learning.
College DEC Advisor

Dr Peppina Lee
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Curriculum)
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Peppina is Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and Translation. She promotes learning activities that stimulate deep and critical thinking of students and to train them not only for their ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom for discovery, but also to give original and creative solutions to problems in focus. Students are encouraged to achieve learning outcomes which will have impact on the field of humanities.

Fundamental DEC Elements

Types of DEC Evidence

Creative production
Literary writing, digital work, films, translations and original performances.
Featured exhibitions
Presentations of the discoveries made by students during learning activities, events and programmes.
Innovative construction
Visualisation and media design products.
Front-line development
Innovative professional and creative communication projects, cultural heritage projects, and social and political science projects.
Extensive publication
Articles, proposals and reports of rigorous research in the humanities and social sciences.
Social media platforms
New language-learning websites and software, promotional materials and interactive social media platforms.