New Researcher Award
- Winner in 2018 -
Winner of New Researcher Award in 2018
New Researcher Award
Dr Ki Joon KIM
Department of Media and Communication
Mission Statement:
Synthesising broad theoretical lenses for examining the uses and effects of communication technologies
Dr Kim investigates the sociopsychological effects of human–technology interactions by examining how humans respond to various affordances (e.g., modality, agency, interactivity, or navigability) present in digital media interfaces. Specifically, he explores the processes by which these affordances influence the behavioural and psychological outcomes of technology-mediated communication. Dr Kim also develops theoretical paradigms by which human interactions with the latest pervasive technologies (such as the Internet of Things or wearable devices) are perceived as socially meaningful and persuasive.

Dr Kim’s research is interdisciplinary by nature, utilising a multitude of theories from both his home fields of human-computer interaction and communication, and from the disciplines of design, engineering, psychology, sociology and information systems. In general, he seeks to synthesise broad theoretical lenses for examining the uses and effects of communication technology. Thus, his research imparts a considerable breadth of knowledge to researchers and students from various fields, and it provides practical guidelines for designing, programming and disseminating communication technologies. As one of the most prolific young scholars in the field, Dr Kim has received a total of HKD 1,200,000 in research grants as a sole principal investigator, and has published over 70 peer-reviewed research articles. His works have been featured in major international news outlets including TIME, CNN, NBC News andthe Guardian, as well as local media in more than 15 countries. The findings and implications of his research have attracted global attention, and have been cited as useful sources in many studies on the social and psychological effects of communication technology.