Knowledge Transfer Award
- Winners in 2016 -
Winner of Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award in 2016
Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award
Empowering Society with Social Innovation
Mission Statement:
Influence knowledge and best practices in social innovation among young people and the public in Hong Kong and internationally.

Dr Chandra’s ‘Empowering Society with Social Innovation’ arouses, informs and imparts knowledge – to young people and the general public in Hong Kong and internationally – on the role, strategies and effects of social innovation and entrepreneurship on society. It describes the innovative knowledge transfer methodology behind several extraordinary achievements, the advocacy of social innovation and his positive journalism approach to communicating to a non-academic audience.

Project Descriptions:
The project draws upon the well-published principles and methods from the science of building innovative ‘stuffs’ (lead user theory, theories of design, effectuation theory, bricolage; from innovation, entrepreneurship, design, marketing literature) combined with positive psychology, as a tool to empower human agency, and creating a community of positive deviance, and communicating them to non-academics as a form of positive journalism. These are carried out as extensions to Dr Chandra’s teaching (GE1218, GE1220, POL3900, Independent Study POL4600, among others) by acting as a coach (instead of just a lecturer) to assist students pursue their ideas well beyond what are expected in ordinary course objectives. It is also a result of the positive externality of Dr Chandra’s ongoing research on social innovation and entrepreneurship. Students of this generation (Gen Y and above) are ‘losing hope and burying dreams’ in the harsh global and local economic realities – thus one viable option is to unleash what they don't realize they are capable of: imagining, believing, and knowing. Using positive psychology, students are encouraged to think beyond grades but thinking of transforming their ideas and entering them into prestigious competitions and patent applications. Successful outcomes include my students who develop devices to help improve the life of the disabled, solve environmental issues and health-poverty issues caused by diseases (e.g., Sonus, Transfriendly, i-receipt, RedTest, among others) some of which won ‘My Own Discovery Award 2014’, ‘Project Flame Social Innovation Award 2015’ and patent application sponsored by CityU in 2015. These successes led to publicity in over a dozen newspapers and interviews with three radio stations in Hong Kong.

The project adopts advocacy and positive journalism approaches to disseminate the value of social innovation to the broader public in the form of research findings and innovative teaching approaches. This involves publishing my teaching-related and knowledge transfer approaches in official publications (e.g., two chapters published Springer and Routledge, plus a book in Routledge) and presenting them to local SE events and newspaper (e.g., a policy op-ed published on August 2015 in South China Morning Post), as well as invitation to speak as keynote speakers and panelists in Hong Kong (e.g., pitching to the Chairman of Social Entrepreneurship World Forum for HK to host the SE World Forum 2016 in the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Development Forum 2015; Hong Kong InterUniversity Forum on Social Entrepreneurship 2014 and 2015; CityU CSR Breakfast Seminar 2014) and internationally (Vietnam National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in the Higher Education 2015, invited by British Council and Vietnamese Government and all expenses paid; 2016 Management Theory and Practice Conference in Kyoto, Japan, invited and all expenses paid by the organizer National Taiwan University).

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Empowering Society with Social Innovation

Certificate of Merit
Dr HE Zhou
Four-episode documentary on the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC)
Mission Statement:
Push for social progress through the discovery and presentation of Hong Kong’s effort to eliminate corruption.
Dr He is the Chief Director of the award-winning documentary on the ICAC, which has been used as an educational reference material for the anti-corruption drive in mainland China. This is a four-episode documentary on the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong jointly produced by the Department of Media and the Xinhua Television News Network. The documentary unveils a 40-year effort to eliminate corruption in Hong Kong spearheaded by the ICAC.

Project Descriptions:
Directed by Dr Zhou He and Yushun Du (Xinhua), this is a jointly produced four-episode documentary on the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong by the Department of Media and Communication and the Xinhua Television News Network. The documentary unveils a 40-year effort to eliminate corruption in Hong Kong spearheaded by the ICAC. Based on massive historical information and interviews with more than 40 ICAC officers who have been directly involved in the establishment of the ICAC and personally handled landmark cases, it traces the history of the anti-graft agency, analyzes the social and economic root causes of corruption, and depicts an difficult but successful campaign waged by the entire Hong Kong community to clean up graft.

The documentary has had a noticeable social impact. It was first broadcast by the Xinhua Television News Network in English, Cantonese and Putonghua to more than 70 cities outside China in February 2014 and rescreened by the popular online LeTV video channel with the firstweek hits soaring to No. 1. It was later broadcast by about 100 television stations in China in Putonghua, Tibetan and Korean. It won the second runner-up award in China’s prestigious Golden Eagle competition in 2015.

The documentary also drew attention of Wang Qishan, member of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau, the CPC Central Committee and China’s top leader in the nation-wide anticorruption campaign, who recommended the documentary to high-ranking officials in the Party’s disciplinary system. Several law enforcement and Party disciplinary organizations purchased the documentary as educational material.

The ICAC has purchased 10,000 copies of the documentary and designated it as the official gift for visitors and the media. Artistically, this is the first documentary in the Greater China region that has employed a unique narrative expression with the anchor witnessing the landmark cases across time and space. This documentary, which targets both the mainland Chinese and overseas audiences, depicts Hong Kong’s efforts to clean up graft from an international and objective perspective, covering all the sensitive cases such as the investigation of the former ICAC Commissioner for abusive use of public funds, the ICAC’s charge against the former Chief Secretary for graft, and the probe of the former Chief Executive of Hong Kong for taking suspicious gifts.

As the documentary features a great amount of reenactment and shooting in locations as far as Britain, a large group of students taking Dr. He’s class of multimedia practicum and faculty and staff members have participated in the production as directors of photography, cinematographers, video editors, graphic animators, sound specialists, English translators, and actors and actresses.

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Certificate of Merit
Dr John Sie Yuen LEE
Data-driven Language Learning
Mission Statement:
Help people learn a language by directly observing and noticing its usage in authentic examples drawn from everyday life.
The best way to learn a language is to observe and notice its usage in everyday life. Dr Lee applies computational methods to transform raw language data, harvested from the media and the classroom, into pedagogical material for language learning.

Project Descriptions:
Dr Lee has achieved these goals in two knowledge transfer activities, centered on language data extracted from contemporary media and from the classroom.

(I) Learning Cantonese with television subtitles
Dr Lee constructed a corpus of aligned Cantonese and Mandarin sentences. This parallel corpus contains transcripts of Cantonese speech and the corresponding Mandarin subtitles, taken from a number of Cantonese TV shows, including news, dramas and talk shows. Between 2012 and 2014, Dr Lee and his colleagues deployed this corpus in the course “Cantonese Communication Skills for Putonghua Speakers” at CityU. Through a web-based interface, students learned Cantonese vocabulary by searching and browsing authentic examples as spoken on TV. This independent, data-driven learning activity resulted in significant improvement in the students’ knowledge of Cantonese vocabulary. Dr Lee is currently augmenting the corpus with syntactic parse trees, to support learning of sentence structure.

(II) Learning English with student essays
Learners of the same mother tongue often make similar mistakes in a foreign language. To capture general problems in English writing by Chinese speakers, Dr Lee and his colleagues built a corpus of English essay drafts written by students at CityU. English language tutors marked the grammatical errors in these essays. Dr Lee exploited statistics from this corpus to create a mobile app that provides language learning exercises. The app uses public-domain sentences from Wikipedia to generate multiple choice questions for teaching English grammar, for example preposition usage. To create challenging questions for Chinese learners, the app identifies the most common errors in the essay corpus. Further, the app remembers a user’s mistakes, and pulls up similar questions when the user next logs in. These personalized exercises helped users better master preposition usage both in the short and long term. Dr Lee is collaborating with NetDragon to turn this app into a product. Sentences from Wikipedia are often too difficult for learners to read. To cater to those with more limited reading skills, Dr Lee is currently developing algorithms to automatically simplify English sentences. Suga International Holdings Ltd and Concept Infinity Ltd are sponsoring this project and plan to license this technology.

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Certificate of Merit
Dr TSE Wing-ling John
Continuing Education for Offenders (CEO): A Taste of University and Rainbow Reading Award Scheme
Mission Statement:
Everybody should have a chance to receive a university education, even for prisoners.
Dr Tse embraces the project ‘Continuing Education for Offenders (CEO): “A Taste of University” and the Rainbow Reading Award Scheme’. The CEO was first launched in 2005 and has been offered every year since then. The project consists of two programmes: ‘A Taste of University’ and the Rainbow Reading Award Scheme.

Project Descriptions:
A Taste of University:

The program consists of 10 different lectures each year to be offered to offenders who are serving sentences in Hong Kong. All lectures (2 hours long) were delivered by professors from City University of Hong Kong who voluntarily travel to different prisons on Saturday afternoons. Altogether a total number of 80 staff members, ranging from Full Professors to Instructors, have joined the program, with some colleagues having taught for two times or more. The focus of the program is more on breadth rather than depth of study as the name “A Taste of University” implies. The number of inmates attending each session varies according to the size of the venue (some computer room can accommodate 20, while a hall may be able to seat over 100 inmates), providing them with a wide range of interesting topics.

Rainbow Reading Award Scheme:

1. To select books for inmates to voluntarily read according to one’s personal interest. 20 books in the Chinese Language and 20 books in English are recommended for offenders within correctional services institutions in Hong Kong. The books are mostly recommended by staff members at City University of Hong Kong who are often very motivated to recommend books that they enjoy reading;

2. To submit a book report/reflection. After reading a book (whether it is a fiction or non-fiction) participants are requested to submit a book report. Participants are encouraged to read as many books as they like;

3. Volunteers from Agency for Volunteer Service and/or retired teachers from the Professional Teachers’ Union will then be responsible for giving feedback to the offenders; and

4. A ceremony will be organized at the end of the program and outstanding reports will be recognized by citation. Each year about 80 to 100 inmates join the reading scheme and submit book reports. The highest number of book reports submitted was about 200.

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