CLASS Awards Day 2017

The CLASS Awards Day Ceremony was successfully held on 19 May 2017. Details of the winning projects are also listed as follows. Awardees were interviewed by the Metro Broadcast to share their exemplary work on air through a radio segment entitled 「今朝城大事」on Channel FM99.7 from 24 May to 28 June 2017. Please refer to the broadcasting schedule below.

  New Researcher Award  
New Researcher Award
Dr CHAN Heng-choon Oliver
Dr CHAN Heng-choon Oliver’s research focuses on sexual offending and Asian criminology where he conducts research on various topics. Dr. Chan published extensively, especially in the area of sexual homicide. His research largely emphasizes on the offending behavior of sexual murderers, with implications for police investigation in the form of offender profiling and crime prevention strategies.
  Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award  
Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award
Dr LI Wanxin
2016 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Green Ambassador Scheme

As the project Principal Investigator and Advisor, Dr Wanxin Li worked closely with three ENP students to design and execute the 2016 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Green Ambassador Scheme. Sponsored by the Campus Sustainability Fund, in collaboration with the EPD and HKRU, during the 2016 Hong Kong Rugby Seven Annual Match held 8-10 April 2016, the project successfully promoted recycling of plastic waste, conducted waste audit, and completed a survey with spectators.

Certificate of Merit
Dr FUNG Lai-chu Annis
The Pioneer Study of Innovation Treatment for Reducing Aggressive Behaviour through Chinese Martial Arts and Ethic Program
Dr Fung’s “Essence of Chinese Martial Arts and Ethics” (ECMA) Program is the first scientific study which aims at utilizing Chinese martial arts to reduce reactively and proactively aggressive behaviour among schoolchildren. High-risk children were selected from 12 primary schools and 1 children’s home, and received one of the four kinds of 10-session intervention: Martial arts skills only; Martial arts ethics only; Combination of skills and ethics; or Physical fitness only. Results suggested that the combination of martial arts skills and ethics shows the greatest effectiveness in reducing aggressive behaviour across other interventions.
Certificate of Merit
Dr Christoph A. HAFNER
Digital Multimedia Resource for Legal English: An interdisciplinary project
Learning ‘legal English’, the specialized language that students encounter in law school, is particularly challenging. Dr. Christoph A. Hafner and colleagues from the three Law Schools/Faculties in Hong Kong have created a digital multimedia resource that provides insights into academic/professional legal writing and oral advocacy. It combines the views of expert legal professionals with understandings derived from applied linguistics to produce an accessible resource into effective communication in legal English.
  Teaching Innovation Award  
Teaching Innovation Award (Staff category)
Dr Chandra enables students to unleash their creative thinking and academic performance using various types of process innovation, from infusing cutting-edge research to teaching and learning, enabling students to develop their strengths and focus on marketable skills, to employing performance-driven supervision techniques that enable students to demonstrate the value of their work in the real world. Dr Chandra’s students have benefitted from innovative learning materials and techniques and won various awards.
Teaching Innovation Award (Staff category)
Dr CHONG Pui-man Melody
Students’ creativity and innovation require more than just learning. While knowledge is acquired and training is given, the last step is vitally important – the ability to create new ideas. It is the best part of a teaching and learning journey. An effective learning environment is to “adventure.” It is the most important step we can take to cultivate intrinsic motivation in students while developing their confidence for innovation.
Teaching Innovation Award (Research degree student category)
Ms HUA Congchao
Ms Hua teaches GE1401 University English to freshmen from various disciplines. Under the course framework developed by current and previous coordinators of the course, Ms Hua enthusiastically delivered technology-enhanced lectures, motivated peer collaboration, and interactive engagement. Students learn and practice the fundamentals of academic writing through collaborative learning and individual assignments, in which Ms Hua extensively engaged students by offering challenging and practical advice. Effectively motivated by Ms Hua to refine their academic writings, students welcome Ms Hua’s teaching and have confirmed that the gain from the course will benefit their study in CityU and beyond.
Teaching Innovation Award (Research degree student category)
Through creative and hands-on exercises, Mr. Madrid-Morales’ students learn how to incorporate digital technologies in the creation of professional video productions for the mass media. While experiencing with different narrative visual forms, students embark on a process of re-discovery of Hong Kong and its many hidden stories. At the end of the course, students can avail of an online video portfolio showcasing their work, including dynamic video feature stories and long form TV commercials for local businesses and NGOs.
  Discovery-enriched Curriculum Award  
Undergraduate Champion (Individual)
WU Ting-wei
An eye-tracking study of cognitive effort allocation across translation subtasks
What goes through translators’ minds when they are working on translation tasks? In the face of burgeoning demand for cross-language communication, an understanding of translators’ cognitive process is critical to developing a predictive model of translation and to designing appropriate machine aids for computer-aided translation. The aim of this project was to uncover the secrets of the translation process through an eye-tracking system and to discover how tranlsators distribute cognitive efforts amongst distinct subtasks.
Undergraduate Runner-up (Individual)
I can have a colourful and fulfilling life with Bipolar I disorder!
People with mental illness are often labelled as ‘crazy’ and ‘disabled’. In fact, even though people diagnosed with mental illness may have ‘psychiatric disabilities’, they are not necessarily disabled. They are not crazy, either, but rather creative with their own strengths and potentials. They can develop their own ‘personal medicine’ (self-help strategies) and surmount the difficulties resulting from their illness. For instance, a person with bipolar disorder with whom I worked during my practicum is living a colourful and fulfilling life through the use of her artistic talent. I learnt from her that psychiatric medication and empathy are equally important to recovery, although medication can never replace empathy, that is, human care and concern.
Undergraduate Runner-up (Individual)
NG Wing-lam
Reflective videography
Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong are often disadvantaged, and little help is available to them. The interviews with ethnic minorities and reviews of news articles conducted in this project reveal that these individuals often lack educational support, which hinders both their school performance and job-seeking success. The project also identified two existing social enterprises that can potentially address these problems, namely, the Accelerated Language Programme (ALP) and Hong Kong TransLingual Services.
Undergraduate Champion (Group)
CHEN Shiqi / JIN Xin / LAI King-on / LAW Yuen-sun / PANG Kin / TAM Chung-yan
Utilizing virtual reality to enhance English speech performance
This study investigated the effects of a simulated virtual public speaking environment on second-language speech performance. The findings suggest that the virtual environment tested is capable of eliciting similar physiological, psychological, and behavioural responses as those to a real-life speaking environment amongst Cantonese-speaking undergraduates. They also show virtual reality to be a potential training tool for second-language learners to practise and enhance their speaking skills in a safe, flexible, and user-friendly environment.
Undergraduate Runner-up (Group)
NGAI On-chi / WONG Lok-yan / WU Ching-yan
Trust & Happiness: Kindergarten children and their parents
We designed a life-size board game allowing parents and their kindergarten-aged children to play together in a fairy-tale world. The themes and positive elements in the game tasks, and the gratitude journal that parents keep, are based on a positive psychology theory, PERMA, which stands for the five elements said to enhance psychological well-being: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. Our aim was to increase trust between parents and children and help both achieve a sense of accomplishment.
Postgraduate Champion (Individual)
LI Tsz-kwan
Chinese is a sexist language: A re-examination
As language affects thought, it is vital that we be aware of linguistic sexual discrimination. This project re-examines the claim that Chinese is a sexist language. It offers a comprehensive review of the linguistic images of men and women in the Chinese language and provides evidence to show that the language discriminates against women. The project raises awareness of sexist language use and the need to combat discrimination against women.
Postgraduate Runner-up (Individual)
WONG Cheuk-kin
Production and perception of Mandarin sibilants by Cantonese speakers
Cantonese speakers often find Mandarin sibilants (z c s, zh ch sh, j q x) difficult to distinguish and pronounce when learning Mandarin. A commonly asked question is whether learners’ first language, Cantonese, plays a role in Mandarin learning. To help Cantonese learners overcome the aforementioned difficulties, this project explored their production and perception of Mandarin sibilants and the influence of Cantonese on Mandarin learning.
  Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition  
Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition
Ms TO Yee-man Yvette
The Politics of Intellectual Property Transition in China

China is widely known as the ‘kingdom for pirates’ where a broad range of counterfeit and knockoff products are made, sold and exported. Yet, since opening up to the world in 1978, China has adopted vigorous reforms to establish rules and institutions in an attempt to promote, exploit and protect intellectual property rights. The overarching aim is to enhance national competitiveness to sustain growth.

Yvette’s research examines those actors who are involved in constructing China’s intellectual property institutions and the evolving roles they play in the process. In addition, she addresses what forces and drivers lie behind the ambitious project of turning China into an innovative economy and a technology powerhouse.

Interviews of CLASS faculty members and students on Metro Broadcast 「今朝城大事」 at Channel FM 99.7
24 May, 8:30 – 9:00 am
Dr Melody CHONG | Innovative teaching in Japanese Studies
Ms HUA Congchao | Innovative teaching in English Teaching
31 May, 8:30 – 9:00 am
Dr FUNG Lai-chu Annis | The Pioneer Study of Innovation Treatment for Reducing  Aggressive Behaviour through Chinese Martial Arts and Ethic Program
Dr LI Wanxin | 2016 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Green Ambassador Scheme
7 June, 8:30 – 9:00 am
Angel PHUONG | I can have a colourful and fulfilling life with Bipolar I disorder!
Dr CHAN Heng-choon Oliver | Delving into the Mind of Criminals: From Research to Practice
14 June, 8:30 – 9:00 am
NG Wing-lam | Reflective videography
NGAI On-chi / WONG Lok-yan / WU Ching-yan | Trust & Happiness: Kindergarten children and their parents
21 June, 8:30 – 9:00 am
CHEN Shiqi / JIN Xin / LAI King-on / LAW Yuen-sun / PANG Kin / TAM Chung-yan | Utilising virtual reality to enhance English speech performance
WU Ting-wei | An eye-tracking study of cognitive effort allocation across translation subtasks
28 June, 8:30 – 9:00 am
Prof WONG Sing-wing Dennis | CLASS Admission Requirements
Enjoy the radio interviews (in Cantonese). Re-run of the radio interviews will be available on: Happy listening!

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