To honour outstanding achievements in student discovery and creativity. All current undergraduate and postgraduate students of CLASS are eligible to apply for the competition on either individual or group basis. Application & Nomination
Knowledge Transfer Award
To honour knowledge transfer projects or activities of high social impacts. CLASS full-time faculty, academic and teaching staff members are eligible to enter the contest. Application & Nomination
New Researcher Award
To honour research excellence of faculty members within five years of award of PhD degree . Full-time faculty members that are within 5 years of the award of their PhD are eligible for the Award. Application & Nomination
Teaching Innovation Award
To honour staff members for innovative, effective and well-implemented teaching with DEC embodiment; and to recognise excellent and innovative teaching practices of research degree students. CLASS full-time faculty, academic and teaching staff are eligible for the Staff category of the Award, and current CLASS research degree students with teaching-related duties are eligible for the Research degree student category of the Award. Application & Nomination