Admission Arrangements for Non-JUPAS (Direct) Applicants (2017 Entry)

Admission to First-Year Studies (Four-Year Curriculum)

Applicants holding a 12-year school-leaving qualification or a partially completed sub-degree qualification may apply for admission to the first year of a degree programme. Students are usually admitted to the Departments of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences with an undeclared major, except for programmes in the Department of Asian and International Studies, the Department of Chinese and History, the Department of English and the Department of Public Policy.

Admission to a Department with an Undeclared Major (enter major after one year of study)

Non-JUPAS Admissions Code Programme Title
1101 Department of Applied Social Sciences (options: BSocSc Criminology and Sociology, BSocSc Psychology, BSocSc Social Work)
1105 Department of Linguistics and Translation (options: BA Linguistics and Language Applications, BA Translation and Interpretation)
1106 Department of Media and Communication (options: BA Digital Television and Broadcasting, BA Media and Communication)

Major Allocation after One Year of Study

At the end of the first year, the top 40% of students (based on (i) completion of at least 30 credit units in Semesters A and B, including the number of credit units specified by the College /respective Home Academic Unit for its required courses; (ii) no failed grades in any courses in Semesters A and B; and (iii) cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at the end of Semester B) will be free to choose a major offered by the Department. The remaining 60% of students will be assigned a major of their choice, subject to availability of places and the selection criteria set by the College /respective Home Academic Unit.

Direct Admission to a Major

Non-JUPAS Admissions Code Programme Title
1102 BSocSc Asian and International Studies
1103 BA Chinese and History
1104 BA English Studies
1108 BSocSc Public Policy and Politics

* The College reserves the right to make changes to the major offerings for 2017 admission year.

Admission with Advanced Standing

Students with a recognised qualification may be admitted to the University with advanced standing. 'Advanced Standing' is linked to the curriculum and graduation requirements. Two types of 'Advanced Standing' are available at CityU: Advanced Standing I (ASI) and Advanced Standing II (ASII).

Click here for details about admission with Advanced Standing.