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Bart long term Respace project studies enclave urbanism in five Asian city regions: Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Tokyo). His research framework draws on actor-network theory, the mobilities paradigm, and social network theory. Publications focus on: 1) Urban controversies and ‘right to the city’ (e.g. Geoforum, 2013, 47: 1-11) 2) Enclave urbanism and urban fragmentation (e.g. Urban Geography, 2012, 33: 167-182) 3) Social networks and the neighbourhood (e.g. Urban Studies, 2012, 49: 1527-1549) Bart recently started a new ESRC/RGC funded project on Alpha territoriality in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom (together with Ray Forrest, Rowland Atkinson, and Roger Burrows). He is co-organiser of upcoming international workshops on ‘Actor-Network-Theory and Urban Studies’ (together with Dominique Boulier, Sciences Po, Paris) and ‘Living in Enclave Cities: Towards an activity-based approach to urban segregation’ (together with Ronald van Kempen, Utrecht University and Tim Schwanen, Oxford University).

Research Interests
Urban political economy; urban politics; urban sociology; urban planning