Special Issue CfP: The Globalisation of Local Real Estate
CfP: The International Journal of Housing Policy, Special Issue
The Globalisation of Local Real Estate: The Politics and Practice of Foreign Real Estate Investment

Guest Editors: Dallas Rogers (University of Western Sydney) and Sin Yee Koh (City University of Hong Kong)

The well-reported rise in Chinese investment in global real estate and the role that Asian investors are playing in Anglo-sphere real estate markets is emerging as a key site for critical housing scholarship. The increasing activity of middle class and superrich investors from Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, and South Africa (known collectively as the BRIICS) and the Four ‘Asian Tiger’ countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan) in global real estate markets have introduced new and revived some existing economic, cultural and political sensitivities. The economic systems, housing policies, home ownership rules and taxation settings within the BRIICS are reportedly ‘pushing’ BRIICS investors away from domestic investment, leading them to look for investment opportunities overseas. Equally, the housing, foreign investment visa, economic and educational landscapes of several Anglo-sphere countries are reportedly ‘pulling’ new middle class and superrich investors and capital into housing investment in these countries. Collectively, these push and pull factors are shaping global real estate investment, yet remain poorly understood by housing scholars.

Within this changing foreign real estate investment landscape this special issue will examine the global politics of international real estate, the geography of foreign capital flows, global real estate investors, international real estate professionals and the impacts of the globalization of local real estate.

Contributors to this special issue could cover the following related themes:
• Global superrich capital and relationships to local housing affordability
• The flow of Asian foreign investment and/or superrich capital into real estate
• The temporal and/or spatial implications of foreign real estate capital in cities
• Changing international real estate relations and globalizing real estate practice(s)
• The economic, cultural and housing politics of international real estate investment
• The transnationality and global mobility of foreign real estate investors and superrich capital
• Foreign investment ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors (e.g. intersections between the home and host countries housing policies, economic systems, visa and migration practices and political conditions)

Please submit your abstract to the Guest Editors by 15 March 2015. The deadline for paper submissions is 1 July 2015.

Send all correspondence, including article submissions, to the Guest Editors:
Dr Dallas Rogers, University of Western Sydney (
Dr Sin Yee Koh, City University of Hong Kong (

Download the CFP here.

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