Workshop on Making Cultural Cities: A Dialogue between China and the World
It is time for a focused workshop on the cultural/creative city making practices and policies in the context of global policy mobility, and, in particular, on the political tensions and social dynamics that emerge when Chinese cities attempt to become ‘cultural’ or ‘creative’ cities.

Situating Chinese cities in a dialogue with the world, this workshop explores the mobility and assemblage of creative/cultural cities policies and the political and social implications of these policies. The main objectives of this focused workshop are:
  1. Establish a dialogue between political economic and the post-colonial approaches to creative/cultural city development
  2. Bring together theoretical and empirical work on mobile urbanism and cultural/creative city practices in globalizing Chinese cities
The workshop is organised by Jun Wang, Tim Oakes and Beng Huat Chua. It will be held at Hong Kong City University on the 5-6th of July.

For more information, visit the workshop website.

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