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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

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Traditional Non-Confucian Perspectives on Social and Political Organisation and Order

Brief Description:

In recent decades, research into traditional Confucian political thought has proliferated, both within Asia and throughout the world. This has led to numerous insights into these early texts and demonstrations about how they can profitably be brought into conversation with contemporary political thought. However, there remains a vast array of literature on political thought in East Asia that has received much less attention than the Confucian tradition. The aim of our project is to bring together a carefully selected group of thinkers from Asia, Europe, and North America who have research interests in traditional non-Confucian political thought in East Asia. Our aim is to move beyond simply describing the political philosophy of the thinkers in this broad category and begin the much more challenging work of analysing their ideas and investigating the import of their thought. In our view, current scholarship on East Asian political theory tends to suffer either from a dismissal of non-Confucian political thought from the arena of discussion or from a misunderstanding or caricature of non-Confucian views on political order. By working to develop a deeper understanding of the full resources of the political ideas to be found in the rich intellectual world of East Asia, particularly thinkers from early China, we intend to create a stimulating opportunity for a much richer dialogue, more probing and revealing examinations, and much deeper and enduring insight. [Details]


15 - 16 March 2014


City University of Hong Kong


Ms Ellen Yan , Senior Research Associate, Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy
Tel: 3442 8907
Email: hiuyyan@cityu.edu.hk

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