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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

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Sustainable Condominium Governance in Asia

Brief Description:

The development of the institution of apartment ownership in Asian law jurisdictions has garnered considerable conceptual and practical discourse internationally. Apartments in high-rise buildings are the dominant mode of residential property in most parts of urban Asia. However, little has been specifically addressed to adequately capture the dynamics of the interrelationship among various factors (cultural, historical, social, or moral in public and private spheres). Furthermore, apartment ownership is closely linked to the concepts of independence of control and autonomy of unit owners and raises issues of collective action, mutual dependence, and democratic participation. Against this background, the coordinator and contributors aim to provide a detailed comparative examination of apartment ownership laws in selected Asian jurisdictions from both operational and theoretical perspectives; China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia and the challenges facing them; to engage in in-depth comparative inquiries as to how these Asian legal systems provide “Asian” (perhaps fragmented) solutions to questions pertaining to the autonomy of control and sustainable participation in collective-decision making; and to evaluate the distinctive features of Asian apartment ownership and how they are evolved to achieve the sustainability with the local conditions.


27 - 28 November 2014


Multi-media Conference Room, City University of Hong Kong


Dr Lei Chen, Assistant Professor, School of Law
Tel: 3442 7355
Email: leichen@cityu.edu.hk

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