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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Celebratory Event

New Trends in Well-being Studies: Contribution of Cognitive, Biological, and Neuropsychological Sciences

Brief Description:

Given how the rapid social and cultural changes brought about by globalisation have affected modern cities in China, studies of happiness and well-being have become increasingly popular around the world. Psychological constructs like creativity, hope, forgiveness, gratitude, humour, optimism, resilience and subjective well-being have all been heavily examined in relation to individual and social well-being. This conference will provide a platform for addressing these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and integrating existing knowledge generated by scientific research on issues specific to various life domains in Chinese society and around the world. It is expected that the interflow of ideas will stimulate thinking on the role that psychology should play in addressing psychosocial issues confronting modern cities. The host department has been strengthening its research expertise in areas/issues to be addressed in the conference. The proposed co-organisers all have expertise in these areas as well. With input from some of the best minds in the field, it is expected that the Department of Applied Social Studies will benefit immensely, and ideas conducive to the development of new promising lines of research will emerge. Sub-themes include cognitive and neuropsychological sciences, resilience and positive ageing, subjective well-being and emotional intelligence, among others.

In short, this conference will (1) discuss recent studies of individual and social well-being in Chinese society; (2) integrate existing knowledge of happiness, and (3) explore the possibility of new promising lines of research.


13 - 15 November 2014


City University of Hong Kong


Dr Yue Xiaodong, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies
Tel: 3442 7090
Email: ssxdyue@cityu.edu.hk

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