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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Celebratory Event

CityU 30th Anniversary Cultural Festival
Literature: CityU Year of Global Literary Expression

Brief Description:

The Festival marks the University's strong commitment to promoting both Chinese literature and English literature in the community and cultivating an environment to nurture young writers. The programme includes a world-class series of presentations by award-winning writers, educational sessions for students, creative writing workshops, and an exhibition of CityU's Hong Kong Cultural Atlas project.

(1) City Literary Festival

Jointly organized by CityU, Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Macao Foundation, the City Literary Festival is aimed at encouraging literary appreciation and creative writing among young people in Hong Kong and Macau. Coinciding with the annual City Literary Award held to solicit submissions from young writers, prominent literary figures writing in Chinese are also invited by the joint organizers to CityU for interactive sessions with young participants from Hong Kong and Macau. This annual event not only marks an excellent opportunity for the masters to share their experience with aspiring young writers, but is also conducive to promoting literary exchange.

Opening and syposium - Life in the City (25 April 2014)
Group Sharing Sessions (25 April 2014)
'Dialogue with Parents' Exchange Sessions co-organized with the Education Bureau (26 April 2014)
'Modern Poetry Writing' Workshop (26 April 2014)
City Literary Creation Awards (28 April 2014 submission deadline passed)
City Literary Creation Awards Presentation (mid May 2014)

Enquiries: 34438029 / email: cultural.sports@cityu.edu.hk
Wedsite: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/ctspc/literature/index.html

(2) Richard Blanco: Civil engineer by day Poet by night

Richard Blanco is a critically acclaimed Cuban-American poet who came to wide international attention as poet invited to read at US President Barack Obama's second inauguration. His work explores issue of identity, sexuality, home and place and has won numerous literary awards, including the prestigious Agnes Starrett Poetry Prize and the PEN/American Beyond the Margins Award. His straddling of both the Arts & Sciences makes him an especially good example of an international author to present at our university for the 30th anniversary, as he exemplifies internationalization and interdisciplinary achievement, two important CityUgoals.

Date: 17 – 26 July 2014
Venue: Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Enquiries: Ms. Xu Xi, EN (Tel: 34428732 / email: xu.xi@cityu.edu.hk)

(3) 2014 Asian Creative Writing Institute Public Readings

The programme includes week-long, intensive creative writing workshops for the general public, at both an introductory and advanced level, offered by our MFA international writing faculty from the English Department.

Date: 27 Jul–2 Aug 2014
Enquiries: Ms. Xu Xi, EN (Tel: 34428732 / email: xu.xi@cityu.edu.hk)

(4) The Pulitzer Writer Series

Multi-year program of which this is the 5th literary Pulitzer writer invited to CityU. The previous invitees included Junot Diaz (2010); Robert Olen Butler (2011); Rae Armantrout (2013) and Adam Johnson (2013). It is a great educational opportunity for our creative writing and literature students to engage with top authors.

Date: Oct 2014
Enquiries: Ms. Xu Xi, EN (Tel: 34428732 / email: xu.xi@cityu.edu.hk)
Wedsite: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/ctspc/literature/index.html

(5) Hong Kong Atlas

It offers a literary psycho-geography and alternative histories to a region that has always existed in some unknown future tense. The project encompasses translation from Chinese into English & publication of ten works of contemporary Hong Kong Chinese literature over next three years. This is a major project related to the preservation of tangible and intangible Hong Kong cultural heritage that is initiated and managed by researchers at City U, and also involves faculty and researchers in a number of departments at City U. The programme will include interactive exhibit/display of the outcome of the first phase, i.e. four Hong Kong literatures titles by Liu Waitong, Xi Xi, Dorothy Tse and Hon Lai Chu in translation.

Co-organizer: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Website: http://www6.cityu.edu.hk/ais2/soma/e_index.html

(6) 2014 Hong Kong International Literary Festival (HKILF) at CityU

The Hong Kong International Literary Festival (HKILF), founded in 2001, is an annual event held over 10 days in the Fall, featuring established and emerging writers from around the world in an extensive programme that includes discussions, literary lunches and dinners, workshops, lectures, debates, book signings and readings. The stellar list of past HKILF authors includes literary illuminati such as Seamus Heaney, Louis de Bernières, Colm Tóibín, Jung Chang and Yann Martel. HKILF is co-organized by CityU, Hong Kong International Literary Festival Limited and others supporting organizations.

Date: 1 - 14 Novermber 2014
Venue: Wei Hing Theatre, City University of Hong Kong

(7) The Infinite Line: 360° Interactive Poetry by Edwin Thumboo

This interactive installation gives visitors the opportunity to recombine the poetic ensemble of renounce Singaporean poet Edwin Thumboo. Twenty-seven seminal poems are redefined as poly-vocal readings, which de- and reconstruct his original oeuvre into renewed vectors of meaning. Visitors engage with 27 life-size video recitals by Thumboo in the 360-degree 3D theatre. Computational techniques allow for a matrix of individual lines of poetry to be re-assembled in a 'live' re-reading of key texts. The resulting assemblages offer new optics and an infinite number of interpretations of the poems and, the poet. It also proposes new modes of spectatorship in the performance of the poet.

Date: 1 - 14 November 2014
Venue: Gallery 360, L8, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Enquiries: Ms Ng (Tel: 3442 7659/ email: alive.enquiry@cityu.edu.hk)

Remarks: Details about the activities are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the website for the latest announcement.

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