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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Celebratory Event

International Workshop on Computational Science and Engineering (IWCSE 2014)

Brief Description:

The challenges to computational science and engineering lie in the accuracy, the size, and the time scale. Both theories and computation tools have enjoyed rapid advances in these contexts and provided great impact on essentially all aspects of experiments, with a strong interdisciplinary nature. For further development, both theoreticians and engineers of the various branch disciplines need regular exchange and working together. This workshop series is to provide a platform for them to fulfill the above need.

The topics will include: supercomputer/GPU and algorithms, lattice QCD, atomic, molecular and optical physics, computational condensed matter physics and material sciences, quantum chemistry, and computational fluid dynamics.


13 - 16 December 2014


To be announced


Prof R Q Zhang, Department of Physics and Materials Science
Tel: 3442 7849
Email: aprqz@cityu.edu.hk

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