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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Celebratory Event

CityU Distinguished Lecture Series

Brief Description:

Distinguished lectures to enhance academic ambience and stimulate intellectual vitality. [Details]


January - May, September - November 2014

  1. 23 January 2014
    "On the Social Dynamics of Philosophical Ideas: Dai Zhen's Critique of Neo-Confucianism" by Prof Torbjörn Lodén
  2. 5 March 2014
    "Development and Prospects of Petroleum and Natural Gas in China" by Prof Liang Di-gang [Language: Cantonese]
  3. 7 March 2014
    "The Rule-by-Virtue Century – The Missing Element for Sustainable Development" by Dr Liu Chao-shiuan [Language: Putonghua]
  4. 9 April 2014
    "The Yamanba(山姥)s' Long Life: The Cultural Dynamics of the Aging Society" by Prof Noriko Mizuta
  5. 24 April 2014
    "The Roles of Higher Education in Innovation and Globalization" by Prof Arden Bement
  6. 14 May 2014
    "Nanostructured Solids - From Nanoglasses to Quantum Transistors: The Door to a new Generation of Technologies?" by Prof Herbert Gleiter
  7. 29 May 2014
    "From material by chance to materials by design" by Prof Yves Brechet
  8. 30 May 2014
    "The new infectious diseases: where do they come from?" by Prof Maxime Schwartz
  9. 8 September 2014
    "Mathematical and Statistical Problems from DNA Sequencing" by Prof Michael Waterman
  10. 11 September 2014
    "Pathways Towards Excellence – Institutional Incentive System at Shanghai Jiao Tong University" by Prof Zhang Jie
  11. 15 September 2014
    "Science Technology for the Energy Challenge" by Dr Thomas E. Mason
  12. 24 September 2014
    "The Eslite Experience – A Personal Perspective" by Mr Robert Wu [Language: Putonghua]
  13. 25 September 2014
    "The Development of Radiation Safety" by Prof Pan Zi Qiang [Language: Putonghua]
  14. 9 October 2014
    "The Multi-cultural World and Future of Chinese Culture" by Prof Yuan Ming, Ms Wang Anyi and Prof Zhang Qicheng [Language: Putonghua]
  15. The week of 27 October 2014
    "The Search for a Market Equilibrium Theory" by Prof Roger Wets
  16. 12 November 2014
    "Novel Approaches to HIV Prevention" by Prof David D. Ho


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