CityU Mobile v2

Your Companion Tool. With All You Need in Campus.


App Features

Are you aware of CityU Mobile v2? The new app was launched in August 2018 which has received overwhelming response from our staff and students. The new app has significantly improved the user experience and endowed with many new functionalities:


Allows you to check when and where to attend your classes.

Room Booking

Allows you to check the availability of rooms, e.g. classrooms, meeting rooms, study rooms, etc. in the next hour.

Staff Directory

Enhanced staff search functionalities for staff and students


Provides a list of points of interest in the university, including canteens, library, printing area, etc.


Here're some highlights of the app in September 2018




active users


views of timetable


views of POI


phone calls made via app

Looking Ahead

To look ahead, Central IT is working on more functionalities for integrated experience for our staff and students in the months to come. For example:

  • 1

    To check all the room booking schedules rather than just the available rooms.

  • 2

    To incorporate on-the-fly room booking functionalities.

  • 3

    To allow you to subscribe to push notifications of University announcements.

Download now

Stay tuned, and make sure you download this app to make your CityU experience unique.

Should you have any comments and suggestions,
please email them to apps@cityu.edu.hk.

This CityU Mobile v2 revamp project is a joint effort of OCIO, CSC, ESU,
and a group of talented students contributing hundred of hours to make it a success.
Kudo to the team.