Departmental Seminar

Date Time Venue Speaker Seminar Title Host

Departmental Seminars from 2008 onwards

Date Speaker Seminar Title Host Photo
13 Feb 2018
Prof. Ricky M. S. WONG
Department of Chemistry
Hong Kong Baptist University
Alzheimer’s Disease:
From Detection, Diagnostics to Therapeutics
Dr. Peggy LO Photo1
9 Feb 2018
Prof. Jer-Lai KUO
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Computational Material Design of Two Dimensional Materials and Their Energy Applications Dr. Andy SIU Photo1
2 Feb 2018
Prof. Biwu MA
Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Florida State University
Organic-Inorganic Metal Halide Hybrids Beyond Perovskites: New Structures, Properties, and Applications Dr. Guangyu ZHU Photo1
30 Jan 2018 (Tue) Prof. Tao TU
Department of Chemistry
Fudan University
Discrete Metallogels: A New Platform for Molecular Visual Discrimination Prof. H L KWONG Photo1
24 Jan 2018 (Wed) Prof. James MAYER
Charlotte Fitch Roberts Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Yale University
A Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Viewpoint on X–H Bond Activation, O2 Electrocatalysis, and Reactivity of Oxide Nanocrystals. Prof. T C LAU Photo1
22 Jan 2018 (Mon) Prof. Tobin J. Marks
Northwestern University
Surface Science Meets Homogeneous Catalysis Dr. Michael Chan (CHEM)
Dr. Abhijit Pramanick (MSE)
16 Jan 2018
Prof. Susumu KITAGAWA
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS)
Institute for Advanced Study (KU-IAS)
Kyoto University, Japan
Welcome to the World of Small Spaces
— Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP) and Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) —
Dr. Hajime HIRAO Photo1
8 Jan 2018
Dr. Yung-Che TSENG
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Predicting homeostatic effects on marine medaka to enable addressing the impacts of ocean acidification Dr. Doris AU Photo1


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