Travel Support

Depending on available funds, the Planning Committee will provide partial travel support to workshop registrants. Please note that all attendees are required to register. Travel support can be applied towards airfare, lodging, or meals. Preference will be given in order of priority to speakers, poster presenters, and registrants who are not presenting, especially those from the Asian region.

To apply for travel support, send an e-mail to Dr. Paul Shin ( specifying:
1) your affiliation, address, phone, fax, and email,
2) approximate cost of transportation (e.g., your airfare) and
3) the minimum amount of travel support you need to attend the workshop.

Please be as realistic as possible regarding the minimum funding that you request, and provide any additional detail that you feel may be useful in evaluating your request.
The application deadline will be on 1 February 2011 and awards will be announced by mid February.