Pre-Symposium Workshop on Advanced Reaction Environments  

A Montego Bay Group Workshop -
Leading the Scientific Frontiers of Green Chemistry

City University of Hong Kong
November 28 ¡V 30, 2011

Worldwide demand for green chemical processes and products requires molecular level understanding of the reaction environments to ensure successful design of efficient and cost-effective technologies.  While the simplest reaction environment is the physical mixture of the reactants, the use of solvents is frequently crucial to provide a common and controllable place for the reactions to proceed. In addition, efficient mass and heat transfer are key factors in the development of sustainable chemical processes.

Building on the principles of green chemistry, the workshop will emphasize on the role of the reaction environments in catalytic reactions, ranging from simple bond formations to highly sophisticated syntheses.  Examples will be presented on the design of advanced reaction environments including the replacement of hazardous constituents. The application of green solvents, such as water, ionic as well as supercritical and gas expanded liquids will be reviewed.  Novel approaches for better mass and heat transfer control will be also discussed.


King Kuok (Mimi) Hii, Imperial College London, UK

István T. Horváth, City University of Hong Kong, China

C. Oliver Kappe, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria

Shu Kobayashi, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Peter Licence, The University of Nottingham, UK

Members of Montego Bay Group

The journey in advanced reaction environments will be continued through the International Symposium on Fluorous Technologies (ISoFT¡¦11) until December 3, 2011, which will summarize the state-of-the-art in fluorous chemistry.

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The Montego Bay Group was founded in August 2011 as an informal association of
independent chemists to lead the scientific frontiers of green chemistry.


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