Departmental Seminar

Date Time Venue Speaker Seminar Title Host
22 Jan 2018 (Mon) 2:30 pm B6605
Prof. Tobin J. Marks
Northwestern University
Surface Science Meets Homogeneous Catalysis Dr. Michael Chan (CHEM)
Tel: 3442-9678
Dr. Abhijit Pramanick (MSE) Tel: 3442-7052
24 Jan 2018 (Wed) 4:00pm Y5-203
Prof. James MAYER
Charlotte Fitch Roberts Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Yale University
A Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Viewpoint on X–H Bond Activation, O2 Electrocatalysis, and Reactivity of Oxide Nanocrystals. Prof. T. C. LAU
Tel: 3442-7811
2 Feb 2018
2:30pm G4701
Prof. Biwu MA
Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Florida State University
Organic-Inorganic Metal Halide Hybrids Beyond Perovskites: New Structures, Properties, and Applications Dr. Guangyu ZHU
Tel: 3442-6857
9 Feb 2018
11:00am B4701
Prof. Jer-Lai KUO
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Computational Material Design of Two Dimensional Materials and Their Energy Applications Dr. Andy SIU
Tel: 3442-2272
13 Feb 2018
11:00am B6605
Prof. Ricky M. S. WONG Department of Chemistry
Hong Kong Baptist University
Alzheimer’s Disease:
From Detection, Diagnostics to Therapeutics
Dr. Peggy LO
Tel: 3442-7840

Departmental Seminars from 2008 onwards

Date Speaker Seminar Title Host Photo
16 Jan 2018
Prof. Susumu KITAGAWA
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS)
Institute for Advanced Study (KU-IAS)
Kyoto University, Japan
Welcome to the World of Small Spaces
— Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP) and Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) —
Dr. Hajime HIRAO Photo1
8 Jan 2018
Dr. Yung-Che TSENG
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Predicting homeostatic effects on marine medaka to enable addressing the impacts of ocean acidification Dr. Doris AU Photo1


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