Classics of Korean Philosophy

Project directors: Prof. Philip J. Ivanhoe and Dr. Sungmoon Kim

Lunyu, with Zhuxi’s commentary

This multi-year project has as its aim the production of a six-volume series of English translations that will present for the first time a collection of works by representative philosophers from the Korean Confucian tradition designed to give Western readers a solid understanding of a range of classical philosophy. The series will consist of selections from seminal thinkers, such as Toigye Yi Hwang 退溪 李滉 (1501–1570) and Dasan Jeong Yak-yong 茶山 丁若鏞 (1762–1836), as well as less well-known but critically important thinkers, such as Im Yunjidang 任允摯堂 (1721-1793) and Kang Chŏngildang 姜靜一堂 (1772-1832). Each thinker and selection will be accompanied by introductory essays that set the work and its author in their historical context, highlight some of the most significant contributions these works made in the development of Korean philosophy, and explore their significance for contemporary ethical and political philosophy. The aim of the series is to provide readers with the first comprehensive, in-depth, and critical survey of this rich tradition of insight and wisdom that allows for proper historical understanding and appreciation as well as pointing toward its contemporary significance and future potential.