POL3242 - Business and the Environment

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Department of Public Policy
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One Semester
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Course Aims

The course aims at building knowledge and practical skills for students to understand the regulatory and business logic for making the environment and sustainability a core element of corporate management strategy and systems. Students will be asked to analyse how and when environmental thinking can be translated in competitive advantage for profit-seeking companies. The course is divided into four broad areas: 1) general environmental challenges facing the business sector, in particular Hong Kong’s key economic sectors, including service sector; 2) drivers of business greening at the levels of individual firms, particular industries, and the economy as a whole; 3) corporate strategies of environmentally responsible firms, in the areas of greening processes, products, marketing and governance; 4) major corporate environmental management (CEM) tools including environmental management systems, environmental management accounting, environmental marketing, green supply chain management, and corporate social responsibility.

Experiential learning is at the heart of the course. Through the experiential learning, real-world challenges and associated learning objectives are approached on a case and small group basis and students take more central role in achieving the academic goals.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 100%
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