AIS4104 - China and the Global South

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Department of Asian and International Studies
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One Semester
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Not offering in current academic year

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Course Aims

China and the Global South explores the challenges and opportunities that China’s international ascent poses to countries in the developing world. The course exposes students to the geopolitical and developmental implications of China’s growing engagement with developing regions and challenges them to critically reflect on China’s growing importance in the world. Through a series of case studies the students will be able to discuss the regional variation of China’s geopolitical and geoeconomic interests and the complex and variegated impacts of China’s rise.

The course will engage contemporary debates on the implications of China’s growth and increased integration in the international economy and global politics through trade, investment, diplomacy, and other channels of interaction. This course seeks to create an interactive learning environment where the students combine traditional knowledge acquisition with analysis of real world challenges.  The abilities developed during this course will teach team building, creativity and resourcefulness in problem solving and research as well as foster an awareness of global citizenship and interconnectedness.  This course is designed to encourage further interest in international and Asian studies.

The course will review contemporary relations between China and the Global South. It is planned that the lecture series will begin with a brief review of Chinese foreign policy and China’s place in the global economy since 1949. Subsequent lectures will address different channels of interaction with the Global South, such as security, investment, trade, and cooperation. These interactions will be explored through case studies in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and South Asia, along with other regions. A group essay, a final quiz and group debates during tutorial classes will be the main means of assessment.

Assessment (Indicative only, please check the detailed course information)

Continuous Assessment: 100%
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