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School of Energy and Environment
Note: The following curriculum information is subject to periodic review and changes.

Minor Requirements (15 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester B 2018/19

1. Core Courses (6 credit units)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
SEE2204Principles of Sustainability3
SEE3202Integrated Sustainability3SEE2204 is prerequisite of SEE3202

SEE2204 will take place in Semester B while SEE3202 in Semester A.

2. Electives (9 credit units)

Any three courses from the following electives.  Constraints on the choice of the electives are as follows:
- The student can take at most one GE course.
- At least one course should come outside their home College or School.
- The three electives should be from each of the three key themes, i.e. “Economic and Policy”, “Environmental and Technical” and “Social and Cultural”.
- The core course, SEE3202 Integrated Sustainability cannot be taken before the electives, but one elective can be taken during the same semester as SEE3202.

Also note that double counting of the credits is not possible: any credit counting for a Major cannot count for the Minor. Therefore any student following the major in Environmental Science and Engineering will have to replace “Principles of Sustainability” with another course to be agreed on by the Minor Leader and the Dean of SEE.

Key theme: Economic and Policy
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
GE1205Green Economics3
GE2220Sustainable Business: Doing Good Business While Doing Good3
GE2236Understanding Energy-Environmental Policies3
EF3040Economics of Environment3
LW3956Environment and Law3
POL3204Ethics and Public Policy3
POL3206Environmental Issues, Policy and Ethics3
POL3238Introduction to Environmental Policy and Governance3
POL3239Sustainable Development and Climate Change3
POL3240Environmental Policy and Economics3
POL3242Business and the Environment3
POL3942Environmental Policy and Ethics3
SEE3001Energy and Environmental Policy3

Key theme: Environmental and Technical
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
GE1324Smart Home: Green and Healthy Living Environment3
GE1333Low Carbon Footprint-Energy Saving Practices in Everyday Life3
GE1337Urban Green City: Pollution and Solution3
GE1343Energy Crisis and Renewable Energy3
GE2252Transport and Development3
GE2306Energy and Technology3
GE2317Integrating Green Energy into Society3
GE2321Health, Safety and Environment3
GE2325Chemistry of Sustainable Life3
GE2327Green and Intelligent Buildings3
GE2329Green Buildings: Discovery and Innovations3
AP4176Energy Materials for the Current Century3
BCH3055Green Chemistry3prerequisites required for this elective
BCH4021Environmental Pollution4
BCH4021AEnvironmental Pollution3
BCH4023Biological Treatment of Wastes4
BCH4023ABiological Treatment of Wastes3
BCH4034Environmental Control and Wastes Treatment4
BCH4039Environmental Conservation and Resources Management4
BCH4039AEnvironmental Conservation and Resources Management3
CA4174Sustainable Architectural Design and Development3
JC4046Green Industrial Systems3prerequisites required for this elective
MBE4046Green Industrial Systems3prerequisites required for this elective
SEE3104Sustainable and Renewable Energy3prerequisites required for this elective
SEE3204Urban Sustainability3prerequisites required for this elective
SEE4112Sustainable Engineering Systems: Modelling and Analysis3prerequisites required for this elective
SEE4114Bioenergy Engineering: Principles and Applications3prerequisites required for this elective
SEE4116Energy and Carbon Auditing3
SEE4117Solar Energy Engineering3prerequisites required for this elective

Key theme: Social and Cultural
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
GE1323Discovering the Living Environment: How Green Are You?3
GE1339Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society3
GE2206Sustainable Cities for the 21st Century3
GE2303Save the Earth: Sustainable Development3
GE3203Sustainable Development of Hong Kong3
AIS3201Energy, Environment, and the Future: Crisis and Opportunity3
AIS4071Globalisation and the Environment3
AIS4124Globalization and the Environment3
EE3012Engineers in Society3prerequisites required for this elective
SM3138Creative City and Urban Critique3
SM3703Media Art and the Environment3
SM3726Sustainable Art and Design3
SS4585Social Capital and Sustainable Development3