Data and Systems Engineering
Advanced Standing II
Data and Systems Engineering
Degree / Award Title
Bachelor of Science in Data and Systems Engineering
Offering Academic Unit
School of Data Science
Normal Period of Study
2 years
Maximum Period of Study
5 years
Credit Units Required for Graduation
73 credit units
Note: The following curriculum information is subject to periodic review and changes.

GE Requirements (12 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2022/23

  Credit Units
University Requirements GE2410 English for Engineering 3
Distributional Requirements Take 1 course from any one of the three distributional areas:

Area 1: Arts and Humanities
Area 2: Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisations
Area 3: Science and Technology

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School-specified Courses Take any courses NOT within the Major requirements (including core courses and electives). 6

College / School Requirements (7 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2022/23

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
MA2508Multi-variable Calculus4
SDSC2001Python for Data Science3

Major Requirements (54 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2022/23


  • Major-based students admitted in 2022 will follow the Major Requirements of Catalogue Term Semester A 2022/23.
  • School-based students admitted in 2022 will follow the Major Requirements of Catalogue Term Semester A 2023/24, when they declare a home major next year.

1. Core Courses (48 credit units)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
PHY1201General Physics I3
SDSC2002Convex Optimization3
SDSC2004Data Visualization3
SDSC2102Statistical Methods and Data Analysis3
SDSC3002Data Mining3
SDSC3006Fundamentals of Machine Learning I3
SDSC3008Systems Dynamics and Control3
SDSC3060Operations Research3
SDSC3102Quality Technologies3
CS4480Data-Intensive Computing3
SDSC4026Systems Modelling and Simulation3
SDSC4066Professional Engineering Practice3
SDSC4103Decision Analytics and Risk Management3
SDSC4107Financial Engineering and Analytics3
SDSC4116Data Science Capstone6

2. Electives (6 credit units)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
CS3201Computer Networks3Internet of Things
CS3273Data Protection and System Security3Internet of Things
LT3233Computational Linguistics3General
SDSC3001Big Data: The Arts and Science of Scaling3General
SDSC3004Computational Optimization3Industrial Artificial Intelligence
SDSC3013Introduction to Social Media Analytics3General
SDSC3014Introduction to Sharing Economy3Internet of Things
SDSC3018Introduction to Internet of Things3Internet of Things
SDSC3019Introduction to Networked Life and Data Science3General
SDSC3022Financial Data Analytics for Investments3FinTech
SDSC3023Data Science Applications in Portfolio Risk Analysis3FinTech
SDSC3027Smart Logistics and Transportation3Smart City
SDSC3105Bayesian Analysis3General
CS4286Internet Security and e-Commerce Protocols3FinTech
CS4486Artificial Intelligence3Industrial Artificial Intelligence
SDSC4001Foundation of Reinforcement Learning3General
SDSC4009Data Intelligence in Action3Industrial Artificial Intelligence
SDSC4016Fundamentals of Machine Learning II3Industrial Artificial Intelligence
SDSC4018AI in Systematic Trading3FinTech
SDSC4021Advanced Internet of Things3Internet of Things
SDSC4024Project Management and Analysis3Smart City
SDSC4051Facilities and Distribution Management3Smart City
SDSC4064Reliability Engineering3General
SDSC4109Smart Manufacturing and Automation3Smart City
SDSC4110Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments3General